State Intelligence Homing in On JDubs

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    State Intelligence Homing In On Jws 28 march ,2019

    It is in english so we all can read it easy.


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    The justice minister also insists that elders within the Jehovah's Witnesses movement should report criminal acts. There are claims that the names of child abuse suspects are kept in a blue envelope that hasn't been shown to the justice department. Moreover, there are worries that child abusers have been tried by internal courts and that offences have been kept from the wider public. Mr Geens notes that negligence is a punishable act.

    I`m sure we would all like to be kept informed of any future developments .

    thanks for posting Zing

    Belgian justice minister Koen Geens (Flemish Christian democrat) wants Jehovah’s Witnesses wishing to leave the organisation to receive help from the sects’ watchdog. The minister was speaking after VRT's Pano programme revealed widespread sexual abuse of children among the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation.

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    You are very welcome.Thank you for sharing more info on this.


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    This is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for posting!!

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    More and more officials in various countries are catching on to JW's. They know about the blue envelopes and the like. No more hiding.

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