When the pedophile is welcomed back while fornicators aren't

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  • Aleph

    I remember growing up in the truth in the 70s, then the 80s, i was quite young, full of hope, dreams and beliefs that it was a wonderful organization of Jehovah's witnesses....
    Soon we would discover the world is not sun shines and rainbows in the JWs...
    For my brother, David, it was more or less the same, he was full of zeal pioneering.
    Then one day, the truth exploded, the teacher much older than my bro, was unmasked, the circus began...
    Elders came rushing in, things went swiftly, only one way, the abuser used the Bible to justify sexual intercourse with my brother while he was only 14...and things lasted for many months....
    My Brother left the truth, but the pedophile though disfellowshipped was welcomed back in less than 2 months !
    All the scandal was hidden, no one came back to bring any help to my brother, they simply ignore him like he was the one responsible of all, no comfort, no care, this is like this.
    I don't know why i m still in... somehow, I think i have enough, not because i have heard too much, but because i have seen with my own eyes, all the things that they do inside, the manipulation, the pressure...

    Bible is pure, but this... this has nothing to do with the teaching of Jesus. They pretend they are pure and white, but really, they are just men, doing bad like anywhere else. The worst part, they don't take care of the ones suffering, and they only makes things worse with their stupid policies.

  • GoneRogue

    Sorry you and your brother had to go through this I am still in also but just for family reasons, anyways I never heard of someone being reinstated only after 2 months by the book it has to be a year or more. If it is true than those Elders were wrong to do that.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I read a recent report demonstrating that religious people are no more moral than non-religious people. Therefore why make exceptions for JWs? They are just as gullible, vain and faulty as the rest of mankind --not to mention their delusional leadership.

    It is a question worth pondering as to why paedophiles might be favoured over fornicators. I hazard a guess that it has to do with specific values derived from the actual experience of certain members within the governing body.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    GoneRogue - I had a friend who got DFd at least 3 times. She was reinstated in 3 months each time. 3 months was the minimum time to be DFd in her congregation. I guess it may depend on whether or not the body of elders like you.

  • waton

    All child molesters are fornicators (to some degree), not all fornicator/adulterers are pedophiles. so:

    trouble for wt writers is that it is so rarely mentioned, not covered with sanctions in the bible. Song of songs 8:8 perhaps?. That is how deficient the bible is.

  • jhine

    That is truly awful , has your brother managed to get help now ?

    I am very curious as to how the abuser used the Bible to justify his actions . Paedophilia may not be mentioned per se but is covered by all sorts of other rules , regulations and bans . As Waton points out all child molesters are fornicators .

    However that is a mute point when child sexual abuse is against the law , a criminal act . The breathtaking hipocrisy involved is mind blowing when the WT bangs on ad infinitum about the Catholic Church , which , yes has had it's share of scandals but is at least trying to clean up it's act .


  • Vidiot

    I sometimes suspect that (at least for certain elders) the "leniency" described in the thread title is - paradoxically - a form of denial...

    ...a way of dismissing the offense as an anomaly rather than accepting that it's actually a prevalent, ongoing problem.

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