Trump could be the new 1914

by MrTheocratic 3 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • MrTheocratic

    If WWI did not happen in 1914 the JW religion may not have survived. Many back then were already disillusioned with the fact that they were not taking to heaven. Some left. Then WW1 happened and the JWs started saying "see 1914 had some significance", and the religion hasn't stopped since.

    After listening to Donald Trump and his anti radical islam agenda...he could be the very thing that keeps the JW religion alive. All it will take is another attack on the scale of 9/11 and he would have the whole country, both democrats and Republicans behind him to go after islam.

    You could hear the Jw's now " THIS IS THE START OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION". Then all those bunker videos we have been seeing from the RC'S will come to life.

    So the way I see it Jw leadership is praying that Trump wins in November.

  • Tenacious

    I think any major U.S. event affecting the world would be used by those maggots in Brooklyn to further their spiritual enslavement agenda.

  • punkofnice

    I think the JWs have totally lost their way. They seem to be drifting along with just the mantra of 'the end is sooooo close', ringing in their ears.

    The average JW still seems to see the closeness of armageddon(tm) in their own shadow.

    The ones that rule the cult are trying to escape from their reputation of false prophecy, which they later deny.

    The leaders of the cult now just want luxury, money and worship. they've left the goofy speculation to their idiot followers.

    Who knows, Trump might be thier king of the north.

  • kairos

    When you 'really believe' that the end is always near, time moves right along and you accomplish nothing. Every news story 'proves' this is the last days. Constant anxiety. Loss of focus and productivity outside of the JW weekly schedule goes down or away.

    My observations of the JWs in my life while I was in the cult is that most are putting their lives 'on hold'. They'll enjoy life in Paradise instead.The double lifers are attending for a variety of reasons, but with a different daily fear. Not Armageddon, but detection and DFing.

    It's mental abuse by an investment corporation disguised as a religion.
    I hope the governments put an end to this.


    Side point:

    There are two documentaries on Netflix right now.
    "The 60s" and "The 70s". Both are well done and put out by CNN.

    Not only are the presentations informative and revealing of the evolution of modern society and the struggle for human rights, it also shows me how world conditions then would have ramped up the fear of the JWs during that time as well.

    As I was born in 1968, I found them fascinating in view of my eventual 25 year stint as a JW starting in 1988.

    I hope they make future documentaries on the 80s and 90s.
    It will be difficult for me to accept I was mentally manipulated to follow a dream cause with no reward. It will help me heal and examine the world reality for what it really is.

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