wt and the elders dont want any competition.

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  • waton

    this week's wt study: "dont stir up competition" ! wt leaders and reigning elders have won the often dirty rise to compete for the top. (no special education required as in BBTG), they now admonish the rank and file: do not rock the boat, do not stir up more competition.

  • luckynedpepper


    I am of the conclusion that these parts should be exclusively applied to Elders / COs and others with power. These are the people who's nose get out of joint when someone makes an innocuous decision that they don't agree with. How many times have they said "well, someone might be stumbled" Who? Who is stumbled?

    I don't see too many R&F ripping each other for mundane decisions. An how about those examples; someone's a better cook than me?!?!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Yes, that better cook comment. Lord men and servile women.

    We all have seen the good ol boys club in action. We had a competition for city servant,; both well off businessmen, everything except csmpaign posters. The only upside was it should be a businessman to schmooze the mayor instead of a window washers

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