The control of humans

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  • Chook

    Every relationship, every government ,every religion , the application of different control factors ALWAYS take place. Are we as human adverse to this control factor or is rebellion a part of our make up? Can someone ever be free from some control? I know we can control our heart beat to a certain degree walk fast speeds it up ,rest slows it, jump off tall building stop it. It's just that I was thinking ( which is dangerous) not to many activities don't have a control factor.

  • smiddy

    As I have grown up and matured (?) I have come to the realization that "control" of one degree or another is always present in any relationship ,whether between a husband & wife , or even same sex couples .

    One partner or the other is going to have a stronger personality , either to a greater or lesser degree than the other partner , and they are going to exert their influence

    Stronger personality = greater control , Weaker personality = lesser control

    Domestic violence in relationships is one obvious result of usually a man controlling , dominating a woman.

    Of course the opposite can be true but that is more of a rarity.

    This myth of a perfect marriage/ relationship , is just that , a myth , in such relationships either the husband is a doormat or the wife is a doormat bending to the will of the dominant personality , the controlling person.

    Compromising all the time for the sake of peace , means you are being controlled.Face it.

    Getting all your own way in discussions could mean your the controlling partner.Face that.

    When this sort of influence goes on in normal households , imagine what goes on in politics around the world , and not just politics , commerce , and religion .

  • Heaven

    My stomach, bladder, and intestinal tract control me. I can't escape them either so I have relented and try to work with them now.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Thinking is like eating pecan pie. It's dangerous, but very good :-)

    You think good, Chookie! Thanks for posting some interesting things to think about this morning, first day of fall.

    I always have had the opinion that the reasons religions exist is because someone wanted to control people. I thought the JW were different, but now I know they are in the control and power biz the same as any religion.

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