Our COBE(Coordinator Of Body of Elders) Cried at the Kingdom Hall

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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    It was announced recently, That "Bro. Z is no long the Coordinator(76 years old), Bro Y(60) is now the new Coordinator of the Body of Elders".

    You see, Bro. Z has been an Elder for 43 years and 35 of them as the COBE/PO. I served with him for the last 25 of those years. I went up to him after the meeting in which the announcement made and told him I much I enjoyed his leadership and the training he gave me and that that serving no longer as the COBE made no difference on how I viewed him. He started balling!

    I was a little embarrassed for him and just hugged him. He re-gained his composure, and explained that the CO's (Organization), want Tech Savvy Elders as the Coordinator. This man has had High Up positions in this Organization such as Convention and Assembly Overseer. He has none of these responsibilities anymore, all taken away from him.

  • jookbeard
    I bet they were tears of humiliation and embarrassment rather than humility wonder how many JC's he sat on over the years that contributed to people having to suffer shunning and break up of families , many many I'd imagine.
  • millie210

    Interesting to hear this James Jack. It gives us an opportunity to look at this from another perspective.

    I appreciate your compassion towards him. I am glad to see that you have a human kindness in you that the "Org" is so lacking in.

    Who knows? Perhaps your kindness standing in stark contrast to the treatment hes received might make him wonder too.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Thanks millie210

    At the End of the Day, they are all people. I wished all Elders would come around to that, but many allow rules and ego to cloud their judgement.

  • MarkofCane
    Sad realization of his worth when he no longer meets there standards. "They waltz you in, suck you dry and spit you out." The life inside a cult nothing else like it.
  • ToesUp

    As one brother (Elder) said to us..."he has been put out to pasture." They no longer are of use to this cult. Just like the Bethelites that were recently let go. This is a self serving organization. The road only goes one way...THEIR WAY!


  • Magnum

    This was sobering and thought-provoking for me. This older man probably never dreamed that he would be in the year 2016 with no "new world" and, in fact, the new world seeming to get further away with every passing day as the org changes. He probably remembers the old days when there was excitement and the new world seemed imminent and there was seeming depth to the org.

    Now, he's approaching 80, and gradually becoming insignificant to the org. I'd love to know what he and other old-timers like him really think about the new JWdom.

  • oppostate

    I had a similar exchange with our 80+ year old COBE when he was forced to step down.

    His reply was that he now feels he's missing pieces in the puzzle. I took that to mean that now there are doubts in his mind whereas before he felt very sure about the organization.

  • DesirousOfChange


    Just in case anyone missed that.


  • FayeDunaway
    TECH SAVVY??!?? Why is that a requirement for the COBE?

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