Today's wt. Par 12 Aaron left his Jewish faith because of what?!

by nowwhat? 2 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • nowwhat?

    Not because he discovered Jesus was the promised messiah , but he learned That gods name "COULD" be Jehovah?!

  • waton

    yeah, for a jewish man, that was too fast a conversion. did he not realize that in the story, even "Jesus" never pronounced the holy name when talking, to God, but always used the reverential :" Father" or "Eli" ?

    Just like "jesus", the members of the synagogue hat it right, avoid blasphemy . on the other hand, "jesus "only spat to cure blindness.

  • newsheep

    Idiots! Many years ago they had claimed if it wasn't for them no one would know gods name. Now they don't know his name. Bigger idiots for those that believe these stories from the witchtower.

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