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    maybe some of you look for an official and safe link for the connection between the UN and the WTG. I hope this helps:

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    "In October 2001, the Main Representative of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York to the United Nations, Giro Aulicino, requested termination of its association with DPI. Following this request, the DPI made a decision to disassociate the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York as of 9 October 2001. "

    Oh no! The WTBS was disassociated! Full shunning is to take place immediately.

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    when I read this, I don't see this. Good find.

    Next article from Watchtower: "The WTG is shunned by the UN for exposing the truth!"


    Well I have just passed this on to some "prominent" "eminent" ones in the Borg - so lets see if it provokes some sort of response ! I sent it with my true identity -

    Previously I had the official letter dismissed as an Apostate document fraudulently conjured up by some mentally diseased one -

  • stillin

    The letter is very clear about the purpose of the UN's having NGO's associated with it. It's to garner support for the UN! What part of that did the WTS not understand for 10 years?

    Does anybody have the exact issue of the Awake magazine that was so "supportive?" I remember being befuddled about it when it came out. All of the talk about the UN being Satan's tool, then that. It was weird.

  • carla
    jw's memories are only as long as the latest issue of wt's. Do jw's even remember why this was a big deal?
  • Naoscillator
    Naoscillator has an excellent write up of the whole issue. It could be used as an "outline" when trying to wake up others. Even more than the UN letters, I think the semi-positive coverage in the WT and especially Awake! from the 1990s - early 2000s is pretty damning. There it is, proof that WT was complying or attempting to comply with their member requirements.
  • TheWonderofYou

    A couple of months ago when I began to check the acutal connection of JW to U.N. I write this story about how everything might have happend on 9th October 2001 and compared it to the situation today. Perhaps it is of interest to you.


    Watchtower Society's spark of fascination for human rights


    When  Ciro  Aulicino  of  the  Brooklyn's  Writing  Dept.  in  his  function  as  main  representative  of  the    Watchtower  Bible  and  Tract  Society  of  New  York  weekly  visited  the  U.N.  Office  for  the  last  time  on  9.  October  2001  to  accept  the  disassoacition  for  the  society  from  the  United  Nations,  it  was  no  easy  way  for  him.    The  U.N.  staff  had  liked  him  and  awaited  him  to  take  part  in  meeting,  certainly  because  they  like  his  humor.  He  remembered  certainly  the  many  years  of  good  cooperation  with  the  U.N.  Personnel.  He  visited  the  U.N.  Building  once  a  week  always  on  Wednesday.  So  on  that  day  he  went  the  road  from  the  spiritual  paradise  to  the  disgusting  thing  of  world  the  UN  Headquarter  for  the  last  time.  He  had  no  long  way  though.  The  U.N.  Building  was  next  the  JW  headquarter  and  the  library  as  well.  He  was  been  advised  to  accept  the  disassociation,  his  colleThose  ageus  at  the  Writing  Department  and  the  ecclestical  Governing  Body  had  taken  steps,  the  grey  gentlemen  had  supervised  everything.  So  he  bade  farewell  with  a  heavy  and  crooked  head.  Certaintly  he  left  the  UN-headquarter  praying  to  God,  might  he  except  that  sacrifice  he  made,  he  could  not  really  understand  why  this  project  was  killed.

    After  so  many  years  doing  research  in  the  U.N.  headquarters  library  and  undertaking  interviews  in  order  to  write  really  splendid  Awake-articles  like  Awake  of  Nov.22,  1998  "A  long  job  finished"  about  the  Universal  Declaration  of  Human  Rights  it  was  certainly  a  shocking  moment  for  him  on  that  9th  October,  2001.  He  must  have  been  one  of  those  JW  that  really  shared  the  values  of  the  U.N.  in  their  heart,  he  had  a  spark  of  fascination  of  the  truth  about  what  he  wrote  in  Awake,  namely  that  sharing  the  U.N.  values  like  the  Universal  Declaration  of  Human  Rights  and  U.N.  ideals  are  not  at  all  in  contradiction  to  the  christian  conscience.  He  supported  these  values  and  wrote  informative  articles  but  how  risky  that  was!  Perhaps  he  had  been  even  an  order  to  write  in  such  a  kind  and  positive  about  the  U.N.  it  must  have  been  the  leaders  of  the  writing  department, some say, if  that  was  the  case,  they kept.  

    For  the  fight  for  advancement  of  human  rights  and  for  freedom  of  assemblies  cooperation  with  U.N.  Has  been  after  all  just  and  only  positive  for  Jehovah  witnesses  and  very  important.  With  his  articles  he  tried  the  unimpossible,  to  influence  public  and  perhaps  even  to  change  the  mind  of  Jehovahs  witnesses,  but  the  events  overturned  and  his  project  was  stopped.  What  a  big  loss  of  prestige  for  watchtower  and  for  him.

    The  Governing  Body  was  embarressed  about  the  events.  The  trigger  for  that  withdrawal  of  the  U.N.  Departement  of  Public  Informations  in  2002  was-  as  most  remember  anyway  -  of  course  the  external  and  internal  uproar  about  the  duplicity  and  hypocrisy  of  the  watchtowers  opinion  about  the  U.N.  After  the  article  in  the  british  gazette  "The  guardian".  

    What  followed  was  silence  of  the  watchtower  leaders.  The  ecclesstical  governing  body  kept  silent  on  this  matter  towards  its  members  -  the  Writing  Committee  Barry,  Barr,  Klein  kept  silent,  the  Service  Department  Bob  Johnson  and  Ted  Jaracz  kept  silent  -  as  if  everybody  was  disgusted  about  this  event  and  mourning  over  this  tragic  end  of  a  beloved  New  York  connection,  that  was  an  ideal  and  successive  one,  WT  HQ  and  UN  HQ  side  by  side,  now  both  schocked  of  an  earthquake  of  emotions.  The  New  York  central  power  crumbled  a  little  because  of  that  embarrasing  event  and  spectacle  of  duplicity.  The  „non-leaders  but  guardians  of  doctrine“  at  Bethel  were  moarning  and  crumbling  silently  an  to  each  other,  so  lately  only  the  Legal  department  was  able  to  speak  at  all  and  take  a  position  against  inadmissable  digusting  accusations  of  the  „Guardian“.  „Supposedly  the  Governing  Body  became  only  lately  accidently  aware  of  the  full  newest  truth  namely  that  for  a  recognized  association  with  the  U.N.  the  rules  had  been  newly  updated  and  and  would  now  include  the  written  acceptance  of  U.N.  Basic  principles,  (something  that  makes  it  impossible  to  have  disgusting  contact  with  the  U.N)“  

    Everybody  knows  publicy  how  disgusting  the  stupid  behaviour  of  the  ecclestical  body  was,  the  responsible  JWs,  the  grey  gentlemen,  kept  silent,  they  asked  the  attorneys  to  settle  the  matter  legal  and  not  spiritual  for  them.

    After  the  embarrasing  loss  of  prestige  at  U.N.  Headquarters  the  name  „watchtower“  was  on  the  diplomatic  parquet  no  advantage,  it  disappeared  as  partner  of  the  „U.N.“,  but  the  laywers  and  helpers  were  already  busy  and  looked  for  other  possibilites  of  cooperation  with  legal  authorities  and  departments  that  belong  to  the  U.N.  Or  work  together  with  it.  

    The  agenda  of  human  rights  for  religious  freedom  of  Jehovahs  witnesses  has  to  be  fought  somehow  and  new  strategies  adapted  to  new  requirements  are  no  shame  and  had  to  be  elaborated  anyway  because  writing  arcticles  alone  was  not  a  solution  strategy  anyway.  For  this  diplomatic  and  legal  initiative  the  Governing  body  appointed  the  London  bethel  with  execution  of  legal  basis  for  a  new  entity  that  should  fight  for  human  rights  in  Europe  and  beyond.  Therfore  they  created  in  London  the  new  entitiy  „EAJW“.  A  reason  was  certainly  that  most  important  human  right  cases  about  violations  had  to  be  fought  at  the  Europan  Court  of  Human  Rights  ECHR.  So  for  the  process  of  bringing  forth  the  agenda  of  human  rights  it  was  no  problem  to  loose  the  New  Yorker  contact  at  all.    

    The  new  agenda  of  human  rights  for  Jehovahs  witnesses  has  become  even  more  engaged  and  concentrated  on  certain  tasks  and  brought  already  astonishing  success  in  many  countries,  it  is  far-reaching  and  effective  so  to  speak,  Jehovahs  witnesses  are  now  taking  part  in  programmes  aiming  to  implement  criteria  for  religious  minorites  in  states.  That  is  a  responsibilty  that  Ciro  Aulicino  could  only  dream  of  in  his  time,  a  responsibilty  that  goes  far  beyond  writing  positive  articles,  compared  to  the  newest  tasks  the  old  task  of  writing  articles  is  a  dram.  

    Up  to  now  the  Jehovahs  witness  are  integrated  in  the  processes  of  implementation  of  Human  Rights  in  the  following  departments  of  the  U.N.  

    -  Office  of  High  Commissioner  for  Human  Rights  (OHCHR)  with  the  HR  Bodies

    -  the  Human  Rights  Council    (HRC)  (an  intergovermental  body,  separate  entity  of  OHCHR)

    -    the  Universal  Periodic  Review    (UPR)  (a  group  of  human  right  lawyers  that  works  on  an  state-driven  process  under  auspices  of  Human  Rights  council)  

    - the  Human  Rights  Committee  (CCPR)  which  makes  in  the  Treaty  department  CCPRs.    

    See  the  actual  progress  of  upcoming  human  right  issues  and Jehovahs witnesses contributions as form of stakholder informations, contributions to the reports of the U.N. high commissioner for Human Rights in the offical U.N. -  UPR database. Even a google search for EAJCW plus UPR brings some stakeholder information for the U.N. assembly.


    The  leaders  contradict  itself:

    on  the  one  hand  they  think:  „  Hold  on  to  the  prinicple  never  mention  association  nor  a  former  association,  that  is  very  important!  Dont  change  anything“  and  

    on  the  other  hand  they  say

    „Let  us  change  anything:  Participate  in  task-forces  for  religious  minorites  and  move  heaven  and  earth  with  lawers  and  diplomats  if  it  turns  around  that  human  rights  are  violated.  Fight  for  your  human  rights  like  all  jehovahs  witnesses  ever  did  before,  be  an  engaged  and  law-abiding  citizen  who  takes  part  at  relevant  platforms  for  our  group  and  our  agenda,  yes  man,  show  courage!    


    "Who are those  gentlemen that have  room  to  negotiate,  those  gentlemen  in  suits  who  dont  break  out  in sweat,  those  who  have  always  known  of  a  loophole  argument  to  fulfill  the  plan."


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