"We are confident Jehovah will bless this new arrangement and provision!"

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  • nowwhat?

    so let me get this straight, emphasis on cart witnessing and jw.org website with their flashy videos and such has brought in about 680 new publishers in the united states? out of which 600 are probably children?! well that certainly speaks for itself!

  • Spiral

    Yes. Most watching the website for the first time would probably be turned off. I certainly would/am. As for the cart witnessing, it's a real non-starter.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Big J has never helped them get their prophecies right, why should he make TV evangelising and cart witnessing work. Hang on a mo JW TV is not for the public anyway, so you cannot call it evangelising, it's good old Watchtower style indoctrination for believers who are already committed to the cult.

    JWs In USA are clearly waking up to the fantasy beliefs of their religion. The governing body have used this expression (Confident Jah will bless this provision) on previous occasions--they are fantasists

  • sparrowdown

    So will the new 2018 programming include "Public Talks" I wonder hmmm... ?

  • sir82

    To be fair, probably 10,000+ JWs died in the US during the year, and many thousands more were DF'ed, so the "+680" is really a net increase.

    The JWs added many thousands to their ranks in the US during the past year, but those were almost entirely offset by the deaths, DFings and faders.

    But yeah, almost certainly the majority of new JWs are kids of adult JWs. The majority of whom, in turn, will be DF'ed or fade within the next 3-7 years anyway.

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