JW is not a Christian religion, it is a dangerous Zoroastrian cult

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    The assumption that the Bible should be treated as an authorised Holy book is due to the Protestant burden of having to use the written word as the ultimate authority: the Catholic church relies on Apostolic succession. The reality is the Bible is motley collection of writings to cover: early stories and myths; Abrahamic covenant; the rise and history of the nation of Israel; gospels and early church letters. The odd book out is the last one Revelation which if taken on its own has no connection to any of the proceeding: it is a Zoroastrian conception of a cosomological fight between good and evil; it has exotic and mythical imagery. It is full of symbolic number and cryptic clues. This is very different from the previous books which have earthly narratives and discussion of human and theological values.

    Without the book of Revelation all of Jehovah's Witness doctrines and what the Bible teaches would be meaningless.

    The Bible has to be interpreted literally to arrive at 1914 date; Methuselah must live 969 years to meet the cosmological prediction.

    Natural science must be rejected to give credence to mythological character of Revelation

    Any event in the Bible can only be seen in terms of Revelation out-come

    Anti-christedom doctrines are developed to demonstrate that all other Christian churches are the evil.Jesus must die on a stake as only the evil churches believe in the cross.

    A restrictive and coercive life style is imposed to define obedience to the ultimate good. In reality good for a Jehovah's Witness is defined in avoiding anything that might be considered bad. There is never any sense of personal humility or a warm generous spirit to anyone outside the cult.

    What we have is the meglamanic work of Rutherford without any real understanding of the human values of Jesus which is central to Christianity

    As you may guess I was a JW from 1974 to 1976 at the height of 1914 expectation. I was given the usual guilt complex by the elders when I stopped attending, but who's looking stupid now ?

  • grahammt

    PS should have included Judaic law, poetry and the prophets in the Bible books

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