Is Reform inevitable for Watchtower

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  • Truthexplorer
    Given that it is highly likely that things are going to change in relation to Watchtowers policy on safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults in Australia (re Australian Royal commission), and England and Wales (re charity commission). Could this be the start to reforming the Watchtower organisation. Albeit, they are being FORCED to change their safeguarding policy by the laws of the land, but it may set a precedent. Using the laws of the land could also help bring about needed change in regards to choices in medical care; for example not allowing religious bodies interfere in matters such as the blood issue; but rather leaving it to individual conscience/choice without fear of punishment. The shunning policy could also be tackled using the laws of the land, using legislation such as the human rights act etc; To have the freedom to change your religion or to simply have the freedom to 'officially' resign from a religious organisation/body without the extreme punishment of being shunned by family and friends. The ball is now most definately rolling. The Governing Body and their legal team need to go with it and bring about reform; otherwise they most certainly WILL continue to publically undergo more embarrassment of having to make the necessary changes!
  • DesirousOfChange

    Could go either way.

    They could play the "persecution card" and point to Satan's system attacking them.

    Or, they could see some "New Lite" and institute reforms that allow them to keep their "charity" and "tax exempt" status.


  • elbib
    Future of an organization can be predicted by looking at its past
  • Truthexplorer
    Doc....your point about them keeping their charity and tax exempt status is absolutely another factor. Money is everything to the watchtower 'corporation'.
  • oppostate

    I'm afraid the time for WT reform has past. There was hope when they demoted the Prez from his lofty throne and made efforts to share the power throughout the WT directors lineup, but this quickly became the oligarchy we see today.

    I don't think there's much hope of the WT reforming like the Church of God/Armstrong did in becoming Grace Communion International. I would welcome such a change but they'd have to have men of integrity and dignity on top rather than the petty lovers of filthy lucre they have in the "Governing" Body.

  • zeb
  • alanv
    Many ex JWs say that the org has already changed beyond recognition. Every day that goes by they become more mainstream. They still have a long way to go, but I think there is no doubt they will have to carry on changing if they want their org to grow any more.
  • DesirousOfChange
    think there is no doubt they will have to carry on changing if they want their org to grow any more.

    Considering all the merging of Congs and the sales of Kingdom Halls in our area, often forcing R&F to drive 15-25 miles to the nearest Kingdom Hall, I think they may be preparing for a "sifting" -- downsizing -- and they will excuse it by saying, "they let us because they were not of our sort".

    There can be no reasonable expectation of recruiting someone when you tell them they have to drive 20+ miles to "attend church". In the past, everyone of these little "one-horse towns" took pride when they built their own Kingdom Hall. Now these small Congs are being dissolved do to the lack of elders and the poor attendance (that likely cannot pay up on their committed donation).

    I'm thinking that WT-HQ sees the numbers falling and is preparing to spin it as something positive -- a "sign" of the End.

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