JW's Million dollar compensation payout

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  • darkspilver

    Just passing this on. It doesn't seem to have been posted here yet.

    It's from the website of the Daily Express. A 'mid-market' UK tabloid newspaper.

    Family of Jehovah's Witness mum who bled to death after son's birth win £870k compensation

    The Daily Express, 28 April 2017

    The devastated family of a Jehovah's Witness mum who bled to death following her son's birth have won £870,000 compensation from the NHS.

    Estera Lenczuk died when she was just 33 after her son was born at the Whittington Hospital, in Archway, north London, in January 2012.

    Mrs Lenczuk' son, now aged five, was born by emergency caesarean and she suffered a massive haemorrhage soon afterwards.

    The family's lawyers said medics had known throughout her pregnancy that she was a Jehovah's Witness and would not accept transfusions.

    However alternative treatment was not delivered quickly enough to stem the flow of blood, they claimed.

    Stephen Bailey, for the NHS trust, said it was "a very sad case from which important lessons have been learnt".

    Approving the payout, Judge Pearce said: "I am quite satisfied that this settlement is a proper one, in the interests in particular of the child."

    Read More: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/797965/NHS-Jehovah-Witness-family-mum-sons-birth-bleeding-death-compensation

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hmmm. so the NHS--us taxpayers----have to pay up. i dont somehow think the watchtower management company will lose any sleep.

  • Phizzy

    The average JW will not see this as anything but those wicked medics not doing their job properly.

    They simply do not see that their Cult's Blood Doctrine is an absolute mess, and is murderously dangerous.

    This mother may well have lived had she not been a JW.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    very sad as this story is----it does bear out what ive said before about jw deaths through blood refusals in the UK...they get in the newspapers. so fortunately there are very few in the UK most years.

  • Hoffnung

    The money will not bring the mother back. And it highlights that the JW blood ban kills people. So it should get more publicity

  • steve2

    Given that the hospital knew she was a Jehovah's Witness, the medical team needed to have had on hand alternative treatment or to have discussed with their patient whether they could provide alternatives. It sounds like they took a course knowing there would be massive blood loss and failed to have in place a Plan B.

    For those interested in this topic, I recommend Transfusion Alternatives in Obstetrics/Gynecology: www.natoline.com

    BTW, I do not support JW organization's blood transfusion refusal doctrine - but I would expect any medical team who knows their patient has objections to specified treatments to have at least discussed it with her and in particular made clear whether they could accommodate her refusal.

    This is a throwback to the 1960s when medical teams took a defiant attitude of "On your head be it" towards treatment refusers.

  • Landy

    Everyone (in the U.K. anyway) has a right to an appropriate treatment. That treatment sometimes has to accommodate various religious beliefs. If, and it sounds as though they could have done in this case, the beliefs can be accommodated then they should take measures to treat that person safely within their wishes.

    The judge thought so anyway after looking at the evidence.

  • darkspilver

    For those interested in this topic, I recommend Transfusion Alternatives in Obstetrics/Gynecology: www.natoline.com

    I'm sure Caroline and Nate are a lovely couple - and I wish them all the best as the big day approaches (17 June 2017 at Martha’s Vineyard if you're asking) - though I'm not sure why steve2 is linking to their wedding website

    Could maybe try this one instead


  • jookbeard

    shame the ignorant judge/jury didn't do any research into the history of this stupid pointless adherence to this man made rule and that prior to 1950 Jw's were free to take blood transfusions any time they needed it, scandalous, more will keep committing suicide though and suffering unspeakable pain and slow deaths adhering to it, those bastards should rot in hell.

  • steve2

    Thank you darkspilver. I am not home at present where I can double check links - so I appreciate your correcting this. But, yes, they do seem a lovely couple.

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