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  • IWant2Know

    Hello. I'm relatively new here, and I would like to see threads that have new posts or replies in them bumped up to the top of the forum. Because recently, someone asked me a question in a thread, but I answered their question with a question. And after being away from the forum for about a week, I haven't looked at that thread for their answer because I forgot what thread it was in. Therefore, it would be easier to keep up with new posts/replies in threads if those threads were bumped up to the top of the forum.

  • carla

    Why don't you simply click on 'latest' or click on your name and then click on 'see topics posted on'? take some time to look around the site and see how it works.

    For instance; I clicked on your name and see you joined 23 days ago, started 8 topics (threads) and posted (responded) 79 times as of early Sunday morning of the 10th.

  • TD

    What Carla said. Checking your own post history (Topics started and Topics post on) is the best way to catch up if you've been away for a few awhile

  • Queequeg

    Hi. Iwant2Know/Easyprompt, I've bumped the thread to the top numerous times. But then, I think you know that.

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