The Other Sheep are the 10 Tribes of Israel. WT answer.

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  • prologos

    if you still chafing under wt's false teachings, wanted to prove wt wrong , still sit through wt "studies", here is a gem from the current studies to Sept 25, July 2016 wt mag. to read while the study drones on: "questions from readers " the 2 sticks. the summary: the two sticks: Judah's 2 and Ephraim's 10 tribes were reunited at the return from exile. The antitype (David Splane's enjoinder notwithstanding), has the Other Sheep pictured by the 10 tribes of Israel, slowly join the ruling class after 1919. So wt what is it? are Other Sheep as you say here and now not really [spiritual] Israelites? members making up the 10 tribes? Was not the 13st tribe Levi spread among them, but working in Jerusalem? all Israelites, all heavies, not lites, not goyim?

    shame on wt, trying to create a multi-tier christianity, and contradicting it in their teachings. or?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    That's but one example in a whole slew. That red book on Revelation is full of the WTS applying scripture to events that happened in the early 1900s. I don't know who gets to apply scriptures to events -- whether it was something Joseph Ruthersford wrote at the time or later. Some are outrageous, but so humorous that I love reading them. How can you stay mad at such guys? They certainly are bold in their proclamations! And shameless. But they run it up the flagpole and everyone salutes, so what can you say?

  • prologos

    Cold Steel, I was specifically pointing to the wt attempt to denigrade the normal christians, as mere dumb animals, as the jonadabs, gibeonites, subclasses of christians.

  • alanv

    What happened to their new rule of not using types and anti types unless the bible specifically does?

  • prologos
    Alanv: "What happened to their new rule of not using types and anti types unless the bible specifically does?

    The article does not have the words "type" and "antitype" directly printed, but on page 32, the last in that the issue, it say of the 1919 anointed: "--they were like the stick of Judah,--" and of the OS: "-- they were like the stick for Joseph--" clearly using them as symbolic types. My point is, that member of all tribes were Israelites, not just the Levites living among them all over the land , or just Judah and Benjamin settled around Jerusalem .Wt can not admit that most of it's adherents are real dignified humans, "israelites" not comparable to dumb animals. They never speak of anointed sheep and Other sheep. In the article their own words prove them wrong. Denying the Other Sheep full citizenship proves that their previous symbolic typing of ancient stories was misapplication of the precedents.

  • Vidiot

    Cold Steel - "How can you stay mad at such guys?"


    Examine their legacy.

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