"It's Like North Korea..."

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  • pale.emperor

    "It's Like North Korea..." is a phrase i use often to describe this life to outsiders. Think of the situation in North Korea, sound similar? In North Korea:

    Your information is controlled. You're told what the facts are and discouraged from looking into them yourself.

    Outsiders and defectors are liars.

    It's great here, we're all happy.

    Our glorious leader is all wise, all knowing.

    Dont worry about what to think, we've done that for you.

    If you don't agree with 100% of what we tell you we'll come visit you and interrogate you to expose you're true thoughts.

    You're either with US or with THE ENEMY

    I'm halfway through Crises of Conscience by Ray Franz. If anything it makes me see that the governing body is no more enlightened or knowledgeable than any other bible student.

    Maybe we need a new banner on JW.org: "The Truth! (subject to change)"

  • FayeDunaway

    And, their idea of 'paradise' is like North Korea....all. over.the.world. No escape but death! Yay! Count me (not) in!

  • millie210

    Can you wear what you want in N. Korea? Grow a beard?

    Perhaps N. Korea is more lenient...

  • aboveusonlysky

    From the economist.com

    "The men of North Korea have been under orders to mind their hairstyles since 2005, when they were berated for their messy barnets by their leader, Kim Jong Il. A television campaign entitled “let's trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle” warned men that long hair could sap their brains."

    Sounds like early Watchtower logic, North Korea and the Borg have a lot in common.


    Why don't we just destroy North Korea? Seriously... How can the rest of the world allow these things to go on? Are we so jaded that North Korea is just "normal?"

    I know there would be members of NK who would still want to live there, probably those at the top, just like JWs, but so what? Rip off the band-aid!


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP, pale.emperor.

    Being a baptized JW is extremely comparable to being a N. Korean citizen.

    How can the rest of the world allow these things to go on? Are we so jaded that North Korea is just "normal?" - because our Western leaders are so in love with the idea of multiculturalism that every ethnic group is encouraged to keep its culture - even the crappy bits. To disagree with this is 'racist', apparently.

    You watch your racist language, young man.

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