The great tribulation

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  • Allenbee

    Where does one find the truth after the Watchtower ?

    According to the JW Governing body... ONLY JW's are left on earth after armageddon.

    So I'm a private Bible student and find Jesus and ALL the prophets in total disagreement with this "Gov body" who like ALL religions leaders, are actually the prophesied false Christs.

    Please read Math 24 straight... to see how to survive the great tribulation.

    Only AFTER the great tribulation does the SIGN of our Lord's presence appear.


    Discussion from private Bible students is most welcome.

  • Vidiot
    Allenbee - "Where does one find the truth after the Watchtower?"

    Any current science textbook, really... :smirk:

  • DJS

    Let me get this straight. The GB, ALL the religious leaders in x tianity including all the Popes, Billy Graham and Jack and Rexela - I'm assuming this includes all of them for the past 1900 tears or so , which would be in the tens if not the hundreds of thousands - have all gotten this End Time nonsense wrong.

    Is that correct?

    But you and you alone have the correct understanding where all of the other End Time wackadoodles failed.

    And you came on this site wishing and hoping the ex dubs would lap up your version of the same song. Just a different verse.

    And be amazed by your sageness and all knowingness of scripture and what God really has planned for us.

    Have I missed something, sweetie? Does that just about cover it?

  • schnell
    Please read Math 24 straight... to see how to survive the great tribulation.

    I am personally convinced that this great tribulation or time of troubles was the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE. Likewise, "this generation" referred to that generation.

    If there are errors in the text relative to what really happened, then so be it. Call it a continuity error or plot hole.

  • nicolaou
    1st day, 1st topic, 1st post. Cutting you some slack, please stick around.
  • Carol1111

    Hi Allenbee, I have often wondered what JW's make of Zechariah 14. That is another end time scenario.

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