"El Periodico" Editorial, Nov 17 2016

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    More suspicions about Jehovah's Witnesses

    Those responsible for religious organization should be the first interested in getting out of the serious denunciations of former members


    At the end of September, this newspaper reported the complaint filed by an ex-member of the Jehovah's Witnesses where he explained the harassment he suffered after leaving the religious organization. He also revealed the sexual abuses suffered during his adolescence by a member of the entity and how his co-religionists told him to be silent in order not to bring shame to the community. Less than three months later new allegations of disgusting sexual assaults on minors who belonged to their families and who, like an 8-year-old girl raped, were threatened with being "without paradise" if They told what had happened.

    Logically, it will now be the justice that determines the nature of the facts denounced and the possible criminal responsibilities of what is now a police report. However, the accumulation of such testimonies raise unavoidable suspicions that will only dissipate with an exercise of transparency on the part of those responsible for the religious entity. They must be the first interested in responding to the grave accusations of these former members of their community who, in the worst case, would equate the most obscure sectarian groups. With more than 100,000 faithful in Spain - out of the 8.5 million worldwide - Jehovah's Witnesses can not afford to have reasonable doubts about their activities. And the rest of society, either.

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