I have a cousin who moved to 800 Red Mills Rd, Wallkill, NY, 12589

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  • rickroll

    So I know this is a dubber property but what do they do there?

  • tiki

    Feel holy I guess..

  • blondie

    Probably WT Farms: not as many about 65 people in various houses in the farm area. 4 Bethelites from my congregation in NY worked at the Farm and lived in a renovated farm house, with a married Bethelite couple to act as the manager/supervisor and his wife cleaned the house and made meals for about 5 single male Bethelites.

  • fulano

    Is 65 all there is left at Wallkill? Jesus....

  • zeb

    from this distance i thought the new place would hold hundreds..

  • fulano

    What new place zeb?

  • blondie


    I don't know since it was some time ago. I was told by an active jw that WT Farms no longer exists, but that might just mean it was renamed or they could be wrong.

    I know that the ones I knew liked not having to be among the maddening crowd.

    The 65 were only connected to the farm activities, not the printing. The printing part was not referred to WT Farms to differentiate it from the printing activities. But that may have been something Bethelites said. At the time I lived in that area, there were just over 1,000 Bethelites at both locations (actually Pinebush was closest, Wallkill was the post office that the WTS used).

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