Gilead was built to be Bethelite tribulation Bombshelter 1940!!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Rutherford believed the "great Tribulation" would begin during World war 2. His book "Enemies" explained America and Britain would turn into a fascist/Catholic state so.....

    Watchtower 82 8/15 p.10 "For the saftey of the Bethel family a place of refuge was built at South Landsing New York. It was never needed for that purpose...later transformed into Gilead missionary school..."

    Watch. 81 12/15 p.28 "Rutherford believed that intense pursecution would require the brothers to leave headquarters...thus he built a building in upstate New York that could be used to house the Bethel family..."

  • prologos
    Not to forget there were Nazi U boats in the Finger Lakes. Bethelites bought shotguns in the local hardware stores.
  • antes8080
    I don't know who is crazier Rutherford or the current GB.
  • sir82
    And 75 years later his dream is coming true. His successors are building a luxury compound located outside of NYC, in order to have a safe shelter for when Jesus & his minions start hurling flaming hailstones on Manhattan & surrounding boroughs.
  • TimDrake1914
    I think Rutherford was way more deluded than any on the current GB....well, maybe all except for Tomo III. If this were Star Wars, I could totally see a movie where Darth Rutherford reveals to Tony Skywalker the horrible truth: "I am your father."
  • sparky1

    Bethelites bought shotguns in the local hardware stores.

    And on top of this, an old, old Bethelite told me that all the automobiles and trucks were 'rigged' for riot control. The vehicles had their magnetos or generators wired to their frames. If anyone touched the vehicle, the driver would 'rev' up the engine and give that person one hell of a shock.

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