Cart Witnessing

by Darryl 1 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Darryl

    Ok I have been out awhile-almost 20 years can someone please explain this cart business to me. I guess it's street

    witnessing correct? I remember (mostly pioneers) would stand on the street corner holding a couple of magazines

    talking to one another more so than approaching people. Is this a new wrinkle? Wouldn't they be kind of in the way on

    some of the busier streets? Do you have to obtain them from on high (NY) or are you allowed some leeway on the type

    of display you want to have or do they tell you exactly how to set it up. Do they charge you for those things I'm just

    curious that's all

  • Lieu

    It's no different than those who popped out projectors to show the photo dramas.

    I rather like it if it's manned by elderly witnesses who shouldn't be walking all around anyway. Give them a break.

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