What is "the UK’s LARGEST GROWING consumer goods sector?"

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  • BoogerMan

    Would you have guessed it's VAPING?

    Apparently kids can buy vapes in the UK - with very little/zero deterrents for retailers. Follow the money!

    "The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is the #1 trade association for the vaping sector supporting, developing and promoting the £1bn vaping industry, the UK’s largest growing consumer goods sector." https://www.ukvia.co.uk/

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I approve of vaping. It means i can see cloud of breath emitted from the lungs of user--so i can avoid it.

  • nicolaou

    You have to be 18 to buy vape products legally in the UK, the same age at which you're allowed to buy shotguns, rifles and ammunition under the Gun Control Act in the USA.

  • BoogerMan

    @ Nicalaou - according to the info, the combined prosecutions of retailers who broke the law gathered less cash in total than the maximum fine allowed for one offender! Not much of a deterrent.

    May as well make the penalty for armed robbery a £250 fine.

    Change the law to "persuade" shopkeepers to comply - a mandatory £10,000 fine for 1st offence.

  • Journeyman

    I find it depressing how vaping shops have spread on British high streets (and that stat about their growth says a lot about the state of the UK today).

    As if there are not enough needless so-called businesses out there, with nail bars, tattoo parlours, betting shops, cheap chicken takeaways, and other tacky operations in a lot of rundown UK towns, we now have another largely valueless addition with vape stores.

    With all the current cultural hype about vaping, I wouldn't be surprised if its found in a few years to come that it is not as "healthy" an alternative to "real" smoking as is currently being claimed. It's the same old trick: get naive consumers hooked on something to spend their money on that they will keep coming back for (but that gives them zero real benefits) then milk them for cash for as long as possible.

  • joe134cd

    In the country I live in there are more vape shops than McDonalds, KFC, and BK combined. Heard that on the radio the other night.

    For the country I live in. Methamphetamine seizures by police were up 1,400% from 12 months ago.

    For the country I live in Cocain has a street value four times that of its value in America. We are the 3rd highest priced market for Cocain in the world. It’s understandable cartels are breaking their necks to supply the market here.

    We are also the 3rd fattest nation in the world.

    Trust me it’s not something I’m proud of.

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