Michael Avenatti - Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go

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  • Simon

    Remember this clown? The darling of the leftist media because he took some shots at Trump and because he was willing to roll out allegations against Kavanaugh?

    Looks like he tried his game on Nike and they didn't put up with the same shit that Congress and CNN did (what does that say about them?)

    He's now charged with:

    • Extortion
    • Fraud
    • False Tax Returns
    • Embezzlement

    Seems like a thoroughly sleazy guy and utterly useless as a lawyer. Beware who you decide are "heroes" just because they attack people you don't like.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that the alleged co-conspirator with Michael Avenatti in the federal extortion case is celebrity attorney Mark Geragos.

    Geragos is a CNN legal analyst and also represents Jussie Smollett.

    It feels like the dawn of a new morning, as bad actors get the rewards they're due.


  • minimus

    Don’t be so judgmental, Simon.🤓

  • DesirousOfChange

    Yeah, Simon. No more "beating around the Bush". What do ya really think?

    I wonder if there is now going to be some more swamp draining?

    Two years of Mueller, MILLION$ wasted to come up with 5 charges of "lying" to Congress (ironic-- since Congress has to be the biggest bunch of liars ever gathered together in one place) and one case of tax evasion. Everything based on lies and "trumped up" (can we say that?) charges based on FAKE NEWS.

  • Simon

    I saw another announcement that a major child pornography ring has been busted with high level extraditions made. There have also been major increases in arrests of sex traffickers - more have been arrested last year under Trump than the whole of the Obama administration (something like that - can't remember the exact stat)

    People may not like what the media portrays of Trump but his administration is kicking ass when it comes to doing things that really matter.

  • Brighton
    Two years of Mueller, MILLION$ wasted to come up with 5 charges of "lying" to Congres

    It is a lot more than that. 100+ charges,30+ indictments, 35+ people, 3 companies... Mueller handed off 13 investigations that are ongoing. So, more will be revealed.


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