The History and Impact of Disfellowshipping and Shunning (Dr. M. James Penton)

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    The History and Impact of Disfellowshipping and Shunning (Dr. M. James Penton)

    The History and Impact of Disfellowshipping and Shunning: A Jehovah's Witness Inquisition by Dr. M. James Penton, 2003. Recording of a discourse delivered at the " Out of The Watchtower - into Christ" convention of former Jehovah's Witnesses in England and Wales, where he discusses how the Watchtower evolved its doctrine on disfellowshipping and shunning by twisting scripture, and the impact this has had on many Watchtower victims. Dr. Penton also provides great insights into the Watchtowers early leadership.

  • buzkid

    Thanks for sharing these videos IG.

    I love this man! Jim Penton is a great speaker, I love the way he expresses things from the heart and makes things easy to understand, he really gets to the heart of the issues.

    It's a great shame that when he was attending the Beroean Pickets Sunday meetings, they cut him off, and muted him! The Pickets folks are turning into a Watchtower Lite and actively kicking people out who don't fully agree with their Picket Prophet and shunning them just like the Watchtower which proves they haven't fallen too far from the tree.

    The respect Prof. Penton shows for women and the way he expresses himself is so awesome! I'd listen to him say anything he wants anytime!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Here is an excellent shorty-short video outlining the so-called difference between Hard and Soft WT shunning practices.

  • Nostromo

    Buzkid, they really do that on Beroean meetings? Kick people out? On what basis? That's disappointing to hear.

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