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  • OutsiderLookingIn
    I don't think I've ever seen this hashtag. Then again, I'm a mere worldly. But I can say for sure that I would not be impressed or even intrigued. I'd just be annoyed. Those are the people I take off of my FB newsfeed. There's a difference between posting pictures of major life events or exciting trips and humble-bragging (or actual bragging) about nothing. I mean, if I saw a picture of someone standing next to a cart outside the mall with this hashtag, it comes across as insecure and seeking validation for their life choices. It won't get a like or a second look from me.
  • Darryl

    I grew up in the life and I can truly say without equivocation that it was indeed the worst

    life ever. Think about this as a child/teenager what were the most important things in a normal child's life? Let's see Christmas of course-nope, your birthday-nope, having friends from school to pal around with-nope, discovering the opposite sex talking on the phone going on dates experiencing things instead of marrying the first person you've ever gone out on a date with-nope, college- HELL NO! Saturday morning cartoons, sleeping in on the weekend-nope. Having your friends see you walking down the street in a suit carrying a briefcase knocking on doors-yes. Being considered normal-no. Being threatened every day with shunning, being destroyed, being possessed by demons-yes. Being told that you have to tell on your friends who might be slightly on the edge or else-yes, looking warily at a fellow witness as you casually talk to a girl in school for fear he or she may run and tell the elders-yes. It was pure hell I can vividly remember asking myself how in the hell did my mother allow herself to be talked into this s&*t??!!!

  • Lostwun
    Amen darryl. Pretty much summed up my childhood in one post.
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    "Allowing" our eldest to stop going to meetings as a teen was the best decision we ever made. Result? True love, affection, obedience was regularly shown towards the otherwise fanatical JW parents. Thirty years later, this adult offspring is kind, thoughtful, and non-judgmental.

    Would you expect the above from an atheist? One should wish such a genuinely good, authentic personality from one's JW children. Sadly, for us disenfranchised Witnesses, the adult JW children's so-called new personality (along the lines of JW indoctrination) is barely tolerant (if at all) towards their inactive parents. We love all our children dearly but, surely, cannot reason with the in-cult ones. This is not to say that all young JWs I know are unreasoning.

    Such unbearable sadness.

    Trying to make sense of it all . . .


    Oh, yeah . . . I hate those canned presentations of the best life ever.

  • stephanie61092
    Agreed! It's so annoying and it's only gotten worse since the "best life ever" part at the CLAM meeting a month or so ago. Ugh.
  • crazy_flickering_light
    Correct: #bestlieever
  • smiddy

    I got off FB because it seemed to me that everybody on it feigned that they were interested in everybody else`s post , while in reality it was all about me,me,me,and what i`m doing..


  • Watchtower-Free
  • ToesUp

    I like to compare it to Facebook. How many people on Facebook show pictures of themselves when they 1st get up in the morning or pictures of them at the dentist, having a filling filled? None! Everyone posts pictures with make up on and hair fixed. NO ONE wants everyone to see the "ugly side" of them, therefore, they post #BESTLIFEEVER. Like they say....what is the REST of the story?

  • Lostwun
    I find it so interesting how jws talk about being humble but I find alot of them can be so far from humble. Im an ex jw needgreater and so my old fb page is full of other serving needgreaters and all you see is one after the other bragging about how many bible studies they have or holding a pina coloda sitting on the beach talking about this is the best life. Half of them were only there to experience living in a different country. The ministry was never the true focus but to the friends back home they were made out to be Gods and I think that got to alot of needgreaters heads when posting photos to show the ones still in their home country what they were doing.

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