Has anyone noticed how in the October JW Broadcast, Losch encourages good works towards ALL people?

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  • Tenacious

    I can't help but notice how this past year alone has seen the GB start to turn more towards the teachings of the Christ instead of peddling their falsities.

    Study articles have talked in length about the fine works of Christ. Assemblies have been dedicated to speaking about Christ. And this month's broadcast is about doing good to others copying the example Christ left for us.

    What's more shocking is that Losch actually says kids should speak, share, and even give food and clothing to non-believers!!

    Losch goes on and on about how Christ did fine works that was not spiritual in nature but rather loving towards his neighbors and how it is these works that "let our light shine" and give praise and honor to Jehovah God and demonstrate that we are truly followers of the Christ.

    Now this is all good and dandy, I certainly never thought I would live to see these happenings, yet something much more important is missing and they still refuse to say it or teach it.

    Faith in Christ.

    Why won't they teach this if the Scriptures are replete with this teaching?

    Simple. They do not wish for people to start thinking so much of Christ and forget all about Jehovah. They don't realize that members, by putting their faith in Christ, copying the Christ, are praising Jehovah God.

    The GB knows that all through the years, teachings have been about faith in Jehovah, and the majority of members view them as Jehovah's spokesperson. Jehovah is them and they are Jehovah. Remember what G. Jackson said, that they are Guardians Of Doctrine. Why upset that apple cart?

    The fact that they have suddenly turned their attention to Christ in these very, very difficult days with all of the lawsuits, negative press, legal inquiries, and financial difficulties is not surprising. They can clearly see that Jehovah, instead of blessing them, not that he ever has, is actually condemning them. Now that their backs are against the wall, they are trying, let me stress, trying, to do right by teaching Christ. Sadly they are way too arrogant and power hungry to let go completely of their stranglehold on doctrine and by default their mental enslavement of members.

    The power they hold over the 8 million plus members is intoxicating. They can now see how Jehovah feels about them disrespecting His son and his rightful position as King. The GB even has the nerve to have brothers sing about Jehovah being King and not his son as Jehovah rightfully appointed. Kingdom song # 30 is titled "Jehovah Begins His Rule" and song # 46 is titled "Jehovah Is Our King!"

    Gee, I wonder why Jehovah is upset with them. I wonder how Jehovah views the GB in light of sending his only beloved Son to be tortured and killed all just to be put on the back burner and ignored.

    So what the does Bible teach about giving the rightful honor to His Son?

    (Daniel 7:14) ". . . And to him there were given rulership, honor, and a kingdom, that the peoples, nations, and language groups should all serve him..."

    (Acts 3:16) "…and by our faith in his name…..”

    I just see divine justice being meted out here.

    What do you guys think?

  • sir82

    Dude this is the GB we're talking about here!

    They don't give a flying fig about the "teachings of the Christ".

    Jesus & his teachings are utterly irrelevant to them. At best he "set a good example".

    The October broadcast was just lip service.

    Actually, more likely, it was done to provide future video "evidence" that they are "non-cult-like". You never know when there might be a need for such propaganda in future court cases.

  • Saved_JW

    In my estimation, they are pulling from the Mormon Playbook, trying to blur the lines between the distinctions of the religion. They want to be viewed as a Christian Organization. to do this, they must appeal to the cultural familiarity of promoting Jesus.

    This is exactly what the Mormon church did 20 years ago. Much less emphasis on the church, and more emphasis on Jesus. But Jesus was only used as a hook to bring people in. once they are baptized, then they are given the distinctives of the faith.

  • zophar

    Good observation!

    I noticed the same thing. It reminded me of the big controversy in the late 70's and early 80's about "Sacred Service" and what it is. For a while there they had it right, Sacred Service was everything you did as a Christian. This included good works toward thy neighbor. No doubt, this was, in a large part due to the influence of Dunlap and Raymond Franz and the research they did on the subject. They even re-named the Theocratic Ministry School to the Theocratic School. (They changed it back a few years later, but people still say Theocratic School instead of Theocratic Ministry School to this day.) And renamed Kingdom Ministry to Kingdom Service.

    The big idea was all put to rest once Ray and Dunlap left and they went hard line that Sacred Service was only things related to direct worship. Being a good neighbor was not sacred service. Going in field service was.

    In fact, early on, Rutherford came down hard on what was called Character Development, saying the preaching was what should be stressed instead. Now, Losch gives this long rant about basically, Character Development! It was very striking to me.

    But that is how New Light works don't you see. You are going one direction, then you switch to a new direction, then you switch back to the old direction, then back again to a new direction..........

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    When they start letting people report time for that type of thing or they actually sponsor programs to help the community, then there will be a real change. Otherwise this is just lip service.

    One word, "Rebranding." They are forced to "mainstream" to a certain degree because of the passage of time and circumstances. The main circumstances are, in my opinion:

    1) Their false prophecies being exposed by the Information Age.

    2) Their deplorable handling of sexual abuse being exposed by the Information Age.

    3) The possible intervention by Governments concerning their charitable status.

    It was Gerrit who first mentioned charity in the traditional "worldly" sense ( not giving Watchtowers to homeless people ) at the first, "historic" Regional Convention. This is more than likely an effort to convince the sheeple that the WTBTS does actual charity.

    My feelings are, " You skipped out on your court summons, Gerrit. You failed to behave as a mature Christian when you could have helped children who Jesus loves. Instead, you ignored the "Superior Authorities" whom your supposed Heavenly Father set up to punish evil doers, including sexual predators. You don't deserve my trust."


  • Tenacious

    @ zophar - you make some very good points. They will likely revert back once things smooth out.

    @ Doubting Bro - when the WTS says we must worship, worship, worship more and more field service, field service, field service, I like to quote from James 1:27 where it says ".....The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world." (NWT)

  • Tenacious

    @ DATA-DOG - Yes, definitely agree. The proliferation of the internet has certainly hurt the WTS extensively and will continue to do so. Now, the so-called apostates, have a voice that resonates far and wide. They have been delimited from flyers, letters, picketing, and rallies to websites that reach even the most remote parts of the earth.

    The WTS went from belittling the internet to making use of it to try and stop the bleeding.

    Sorry, but this bleeding won't be easily stopped until people hear the real truth unlike the peppered one they now get from the WTS.


    I haven't watched the broadcast, and probably never will as I can't stand to look at Gerrit or any other GB member. I just can't bear to look at their lying faces. Anyway, did he really talk about character development??

    I was accused of apostasy, in part, for saying that helping others ( even worldly neighbors ) was just as sacred as knocking on doors. My point was that charitable works open the door to preaching. The Eldubs said, "NOPE. Not spiritually mature. VISIBLE SERVICE is what counts."

    Is there a possibility that Gerrit is a bit rebellious? One way to look at his refusal to show up in court is that he was saying, "Screw you, WTBTS INC!" Maybe he decided that defending the WTBTS would make him look bad? Geoffrey Jackson should have followed that example.

    I don't know, just thinking out loud. It would be great if he was rebelling or working from the inside, but the chance is remote. You don't get to be a GB member by marching to your own beat.


  • LAWHFol
    nice observations tenacious

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