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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Wife tells me the latest video mentions the WT has spent $25 million on covid relief. ??? I have seen nothing. The "food pantry" was all local, and is almost non existent. The government food was mostly inedible on the rare occasions it came

  • WTWizard

    Was that money wasted on printing LIE-bles and littera-trash? With that kind of money claimed, they could have printed 6 or 7 million LIE-bles and then claimed to have spent that money on relief.

    In my area, I would place a higher value on a bottle of quercetin than on a billion of those LIE-bles, even if half of them happened to be in that foul language hebrew. Not to mention, I could go to my local supermarket and pick up plenty of food items. Maybe not the exact items I wanted, but at least it is food.

  • Overrated

    Like usual, The Watchtower taking credit for doing something when it really did not do a damn thing. But I'm sure they lined their pockets with money.

  • jhine

    I've not seen any evidence of JWs doing anything to help during covid lockdown in the uk .

    Lots of churches have permanent food banks and many let their buildings be used for vaccination centres .


  • Vidiot

    The Org's position on "The World" has been pretty consistently "fuck The World".

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