Our body is a temple?

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  • enlightened

    My father was disfellowshiped for smoking.... the whole our bodies are temples, respect for God, being weak, addiction and the rest of the reasons....blah blah blah. I admit that this is a bad habit, and has side effects... ones that he would have to suffer, but not directly hurting God Himself. So this got me thinking that if people participate in an activity (or lack there-of) and it directly or indirectly causes their temples to be desecrated shouldn't they also suffer repercussions? Lets see..... what about those that are obese because they over-eat, causing diabetes, heart problems and the like? People that don't bathe on a regular basic, resulting in acne, b.o. and lice (this one affects not only them, but those surrounding them)? Ones that don't practice good oral hygeine and brush their teeth, causing cavaties, bad breath, and receeding gums? And my favorite (because it includes not only myself but half of the people I know) people who cannot go a day without coffee without suffering a headache (this is one of the biggest legal addictions)? I honestly did not mean to offend anyone with the above if you are in any of these catagories. But hese are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think of my Dad living his life thinking he was such a horrible person because he smoked, and then when he was killed he realized that it was all a bunch of crap....fed to him by stinky men hyped up on coffee with bad breath! .......

    I feel better now

  • Gopher


    Welcome to the board !! Of all things you mentioned, only gluttony is directly condemned in the Bible. I would like to add "overconsumption of alcohol" which is quite common amongst JW's, especially elders.

    Yet rarely do we see anyone removed for doing the above damaging things. In fact, depending on their position in the organization, nobody probably even "dares" to mention it to them.

    Oh well, the JW's pick and choose what to apply, showing the foolishness of the disfellowshipping arrangement. (Instead of helping people overcome things, they more often judge them and kick them to the curb.)

  • Vivamus

    Well, honestly, when they should DF a person for being overweight, they'd have a real problem, they would lose too many people, me for example.

    Oh wait, I already got DF'd

  • greven

    Viv? Overweight? C'mon! Get real! Don't talk nonsense!

    How is your smoking addiction BTW?


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