IBSA/JW`s transformation from witnesses of Jesus to witnesses of Jehovah

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  • smiddy3

    When C.T.Russell first printed his magazine it was called "Zions Watchtower and herald of Christs Presence" was it not ?

    So obviously he was concerned about witnessing about Jesus and announcing His kingdom to all who would listen and read his magazine.It was Jesus and his kingdom that he was witnessing about ,and of course those who followed him ,would have done and did the same.

    Their are over 20 scriptures in the Christian Greek Scriptures telling Christians to witness for and about Jesus

    And that was in harmony with what the New Testament ( the Christian Greek Scriptures ) is all about ,witnessing to,for,and about Jesus Christ.

    Their is not one scripture in the New Testament ,the Christian Greek Scriptures that says or even indicates that Christians

    should witness about Jehovah or a kingdom of Jehovah ,their is not one scripture that authorizes Christians to do such a thing not one.

    Then along comes Joseph F.Rutherford. He must have been a charismatic man to some extent to influence so many people to change from a biblical stance to one contrary to what the scriptures actually say.

    And how did he do this ? by changing the emphasis on the kingdom of Jesus to the kingdom of Jehovah even though the kingdom of Jehovah is not even mentioned in the Bible .

    Sleight of hand ?

    J.F.Rutherford was so intent on dis engaging from anything associated with Christendom that was probably the reason for adopting the God of the Old Testament and transforming him into the New Testament that drove him.

    For anybody who thinks the name of Jehovah is in the New testament ,the Christian Greek Scriptures look up the Kingdom interlinear of the Christian Greek scriptures by the WTB&TS ,KI, and you will find that the name Jehovah does not appear their in the word for word translation.

  • nowwhat?

    This has been brought up before but you have another good angle

  • Giordano

    No question about it............ Rutherford and company made the decision to become a 'Jehovah' religion. How did that work out for them......not well........... they are still a marginal religion.....They have to add God to the name Jehovah 'God' to make themselves clear.

    Jehovah was one of those translated names that expressed a personal relationship with the Jewish god of the old testament. Thereby making the newly named Jehovah's Witnesses a new religion based on corrupted theology and a man made name that originated with a Roman Catholic monk in the 12th century.

    When Rutherford and company went in that direction their religion wound up on the trash bin of failed religions. Jehovah's Witnesses are in the trash bin of failed religions.

    Put the lid on that garbage can.

  • truth_b_known

    This was purely a business move.

    With the death of Russell, there was a power struggle over who would take over the corporation and the religious sect. 3 separate religious organizations emerged, but it was Rutherford who took over the corporation.

    Rutherford wanted it to be blatantly clear which sect was over the corporation. Rutherford adopted numerous doctrines and the name "Jehovah's Witnesses" to be sure the public knew the were separate from everyone else. All the prohibitions on holidays, military service, abstaining from blood, etc. are results of this policy of separation.

  • kairos

    the phrase, 'Jehovah God', always made me cringe.

    Should have noticed it then and turned away. After hearing so many people use the same complaint against us to our face:
    "Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christian", was actually the truth all along...

  • Betheliesalot

    Today you hear the phrase "Jehovah,s Witnesses" and more and more in the public relate it to a group that covers up pedifiles and misses predictions of the end of the world.

  • Finkelstein

    J.F.Rutherford was so intent on dis engaging from anything associated with Christendom that was probably the reason for adopting the God of the Old


    One of the core theological doctrines that was established even by C T Russell before Rutherford was that Christendom was placing too much focused worship to Jesus Christ when they should have been worshiping Jehovah ( the father or the Almighty god above Jesus) They (he) held the position that worship should be directed to Jehovah rather than Jesus, this was wrong in their opinion and identified as false religious practice.

    There is guy that just posted a thread arguing who is god which he posits that Jesus is equal to god ..... JW Answers

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