You would think they would be embarrassed

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  • stillin

    To tout the fact that Jesus Christ is the Head of the congregation is fine... If he was. A quick glance at the page in the back of the current study WT seems to say otherwise. If you recall, they print up a page at the end of every year with a quick rundown of the articles for the previous year.

    Surprise! There is a heading for Jesus Christ and it is the tiniest section on the page, barely a nod in the direction of their Exemplar.

    I guess there are more important things to talk about.

  • FayeDunaway
    When I started waking up, I would read the Bible during meetings. In the new testament Jesus has equal or more representation with the father. I would read Jesus, Father, Jesus, Christ, our Lord, Jesus, God, Jesus...and then listen for a while and never hear Jesus. First doctrinal realization for me that something was definitely not right! Edit: I'm remembering now that an elder I mentioned this to told me that the society was trying to get people to mention Jesus more, and you will see him in the literature but people don't catch on in their talks and comments. I remember thinking, it's too stinking late, they have neglected him too long, no way can they be real christians. But your observation, still in, about last year's articles prove that they actually haven't changed at all, not even in their publications.
  • Billy1000

    I believe it is common in most religions to miss the big picture, every talk, exhortation or lecture should come back to God, Jesus or his teachings

    If you believe in the bible like i do, those are the fundamentals, but you can get buried under the subjects (like dress code, songs to sing, etc) which are not leading to our salvation.

  • steve2
    To be fair, though, even their God Jehovah defers to the Governing Body. You can't get more arrogant than that.
  • Vidiot
    Pretty sure they're insulated from any kind of feedback that would trigger embarassment.
  • Tenacious

    The GB has all but taken the role of God and apparently their Son has been very bad that they have indefinitely punished Him and threw him in the closet with no food.

    Let's take for example the recent book based on Jesus titled "Jesus, The Way, the Truth, the Life".

    Christ is King right now. He's been given authority over everything even the angels for all to serve Him. So how does the GB portray their King? They put Jesus on an ass. For those that are awake the message is loud and clear, "Jesus may be King but this is what we really think of Him, he's an ass."

    Now the average JW may look at the book like they view every other book that is introduced and think wow another good hearty spiritual meal. But to those that are awake, the cover picture was nothing less than a despicable representation of our King Christ.

  • Listener
    They are not embarrassed, in the silver sword Jesus' name is not in the Glossary of Bible Terms whereas Jehovah is and also Jacob and Judah. Satan and Devil are also listed.

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