Broke people can’t help broke people

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  • Teddnzo

    Most ex JWs are bitter and twisted. They have a chip on their shoulder that they wasted so much of their life. Many end up making a proper mess of their lives perfectly exemplified by Lloyd Evans.

    yet on the other hand for those leaving the cult it is only ex members of the cult who could ever understand what they are going through

    everyone wants to be part of a community to have a sense of belonging and you lose this once you are shunned by those still in the cult.

    Here in London there is a lot of talk about gangs and how young men want to be a part of a community who understands them so they join a gang but the gangs are full of broken people and then I heard the quote “broke people can’t help broke people” it struck a cord with me thinking about all the ex JWs who are now looking for a community to fit in again now they have lost their last one and they are being shunned

    you really need someone who is not broken but understands how you are feeling

    And that is the hard part

  • punkofnice

    Nothing's perfect. 100% of people are a bit bonkers in some way or another.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    although i broke any last links to the cult in 1981..i came across this online world of ex jws by accident--i certainly wasnt looking for it--having long since rinsed the last remaining religious dirt out of my mind long before.

    Ive met up with a fair few ex's here in the UK since joining this site in 2010, Ive come to realise most of us have nothing in common--except our past misery. Not a good start !

    Ive also noticed a lot of female ex jws still carry the health problems they had as jw's. But it seems a lot of it is imaginary.

  • Teddnzo

    Stan what do you mean about females and their health problems?

    I hear most sisters out of the 8million plus took the toxic vaccines. All females who take the shots have menstrual problems and lower fertility after each shot is affecting both males and females.

    The sperm donned in London will now pay £200 per shot of sperm that meets their high standards and the more shots you had the less chance of not firing blanks.

    but it makes me think if the gov body are still pushing these vaccines then the birth rate among JWs will fall significantly

    there is already a problem retaining young ones in the cult. And now there will be less born ins if everyone took the shots

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