The Invitation Movie made me think about the JW's

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  • 720Reddog
    720Reddog Alot of this movie made me think about how the JW's control life. There is something to be taken from this movie and how dangerous cults are. I know this is hollywood but it really speaks to mind control and it's power.

  • SAHS

    In the WTS, the doors may not be locked and the windows may not be barred – physically – but that certainly is the case mentally and emotionally in that it wields considerable power through manipulation by undue influence to hold people as prisoners. You’re free to leave – they’ll just hold all your family hostage as a blackmail bargaining tool.

    And as for the “bottle of phenobarbital” found in the bedroom in the above clip from The Invitation, that would be the dangerous and debilitating state of mental slumber evoked by the WTS when you surrender your innate critical thinking skills.

    Astonishing, isn’t it, how parents can actually be conned and manipulated into, in effect, murdering their own biological children by kowtowing to the not-so-subtle demands of the WTS to uphold its ridiculous and deadly blood transfusion policy. Shameful!

  • 720Reddog

    @SAHS yea it is very true to see how controlling a belief can be and also how damaging a belief can be and i think this movie while most would say is hard to believe is a constant everday life of a current JW believer.

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