Jesus ate and talked with "known apostates"

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  • FragrantAddendum

    wt nwt bible says in their study note that satan entered into judas iscariot on nisan 12

    which means jesus ate with, interacted with, prayed with, and washed the feet of

    a "known apostate" (bible says jesus knew the one betraying him from the beginning of when judas started to go bad)

    there is no "scriptural basis" for wt to say "shun apostates"

    judas iscariot was the worst kind of "apostate"

    jesus didn't shun apostates

    (he just didn't eat the memorial with them)

    the wt gb and their hierarchy are the worst apostates

    i wouldn't eat memorial with wt even if you paid me 100 billion dollars😝

  • Vidiot

    Loyalists might argue that Jesus’ “perfection” (somehow) made him immune.

  • FragrantAddendum

    that's exactly what the gb/wt-"loyalists" say😝

    the jwborg poison numbed their thinking ability

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