Proof for 1914

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  • Vanderhoven7

    I'm not sure who wrote the following article, but it bears repeating: (Please take the credit if it was you.)

    Solid proof For 1914

    "As evidence of their falsehoods, look at the timing for Armageddon. Originally, Jesus came invisibly in 1874 and Armageddon was supposed to happen in 1914.

    This was because Cyrus invaded Babylon in 536 BCE so Jerusalem must have been captured 70 years prior in 606 BCE. -606 + 2520 years = 1914. EXCEPT, they discovered Cyrus really invaded Babylon in 539 BCE, so if you back up 70 years, would mean Jerusalem was conquered in 609 BCE, 3 years earlier. So 1914 should be 1911. But wait. Oops, there was no 0 year between 1 BCE and 1 AD. So 1911 should be 1912. Oops, there was no big event in 1912. So... even though the Bible says 70 years will be complete AND THEN THE KING OF BABYLON WILL BE PUNISHED, let's end the 70 years 2 years later in 537 BCE after the Jews might have returned to Jerusalem and AFTER the king of Babylon has been dead for 2 years. Even though he's supposed to be punished AFTER the 70 years ended. How can he be punished 2 years after he's dead? I thought JWs didn't believe in the afterlife.

    So anyway, now the 70 years ends 2 years after the king of Babylon is punished in 537 BCE. So back up 70 years, we get 607 BCE. And add 2520 years with no year 0 and we come up with 1914. Amazing. All of that was wrong, but somehow we came up with the same year as something significant happened. How prophetic!!! One would almost think they picked the year and worked backwards to prove it instead of the prophecy telling us a damned thing.

    So that's one of many things. You can also read in the bible about how they've been fasting yearly when they're rebuilding the temple. Figure out the timeline and what they might be fasting over. And does that line up with history's timeline for the destruction of Babylon or the Witnesses? It's in the bible. The JWs are WRONG!!!

    You've also got the dating. My father became a witness in the 50's. There's pictures of my older sisters at conventions in NYC below signs that said the world governments were about to come to an end. Over 60 years ago. If you had expressed back then that we'd go into 2019 with no Armageddon, you'd have been disfellowshipped as an apostate and you know it.

    In Ray Franz's book in the early 80's, he said there was talk of changing the meaning of generations. That it could mean a period of time longer than a lifetime. He published this book in the early 80's. There's evidence. About 1993 or 1994, the Witnesses changed the meaning of generation that allowed for more time. Why? Probably because the biblical lifespan of 70 or 80 years of special mightiness was running out. 1994 was 80 years after 1914. In fact, the Watchtower at the time said on the inside front cover that the preaching work would be completed before the end of the century. Yet here we are. And if you'd have said you didn't agree, you'd be an apostate.

    If you didn't believe the society on the longer meaning of generation you'd be disfellowshipped. Yet a few years ago, they abandoned it for a meaning of overlapping generations.

    Archaeology has always said they're wrong with their ancient dating. Their prophecies have been dubious at best. And they keep changing the dates while archaeology has remained the same. Who's the one trying to pound a square peg into a round hole?

    According to the JWs, Jesus has been here 105 years. While people die and suffer. Yet the JWs will put a spin that he is waiting so that more can be saved while at the same time, JWs cut back on their preaching work and cut back on their meetings and cut back on the size and frequency of their publications. Who's Jesus trying to save if he's cutting back the work?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    You can prove it with pyramidology. No need to obfuscate with 0 year; that fits with the century and decade debate

  • sir82
    You can prove it with pyramidology.

    Pyramid inches! Another good WTS ret-con to make sure that their deduction of "1914" was correct.

    Just think - if Princip would have missed his shot and the war hadn't started until, say, 1916, we'd all be talking about how "Babylon conquered Jersualem in 605 BCE".

  • iwantoutnow

    There is ABSOLUTE PROOF!!!

    And I mean ABSOLUTE!!!! That yes - the year 1914 did happen! It came right after 1913!

  • lastmanstanding

    The watchtower was right. Just look at all the signs that Jesus is making known his ‘presence’ through. He”s burning Australia, he’s sickening China, and not long ago he tsunamied whole continents.

    He’s causing wars, juicing the arms race, spreading pestilence...

    Yes the watchtower was right in proclaiming a highly destructive and death-dealing sign of jayHove

    ”Aren’t Jehovah’s people so very happy that the Almighty gawd has sent these signs so that we can fully appreciate his son!”

  • EverApostate

    If I have to warn my children I would say "Hey son, there is going to be a hurricane day after tomorrow at 10PM. Stay safe and protect yourself"

    Instead of this I wouldnt say a complicated , convoluted and confusing Histo Arithmetic calculation to be done by my son in order to recognize that danger.

    WHen would CHristians recognize this.

  • JoenB75

    Since this religion teaches Jesus left us for almost 2,000 years, the followers avoid on reflecting on faithlife in a sinridden world. My father talked a lot of this nonsense about how death was never meant to be etc. It alienates you from the life conditions we all face.

  • smiddy3

    There is ABSOLUTE PROOF!!!

    And I mean ABSOLUTE!!!! That yes - the year 1914 did happen! It came right after 1913!

    And do not forget the 2 witness rule , and here it is .

    The year 1915 did happen and it came right after the year 1914 ,so there you have it.!


  • alanv

    Yearly world population growth is 83 million.Watchtower growth is around 100,000. So every day that Jehooba puts off destroying people, he has to destroy an extra 82,900,000.

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