The Scientology Cure

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  • Worldling9

    Did anyone see this program on Investigation Discovery? It's a true story about Scientology's lack of belief in therapy or meds for the treatment of mental illness, and the danger of denial. Though the dubs have eased up their stance on mental illness a bit, their attitudes remain similar. I recommend watching, as there seems to be a high incidence of mental health issues among JWs and exJWs.

  • Londo111

    Yep I watched this. This was analogous to the JW prohibition on blood transfusions.

    Of course, when it comes to mental medication, many JWs seem to be on it. Elders have even encouraged me to take some anti-anxiety meds to "take the edge off" in field service and giving talks. They took these same meds. So did their pioneer wives. I've heard many in Bethel are as well.

    Sometimes, of course, medication is needed. And especially for schizophrenia!

  • Finkelstein

    Scientology was started by Ron Hubbard through his book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health which was really a slanting jab at modern psychological treatment which he himself had gone through. sort of pretentious pseudo self help program. Unfortunately in reality its inherent intent was to sell literature and make money. $

    He mixed some science fiction into his concept such as mankind is burdened by Theta agents and to rid of these agents which bring on psychosomatic problems.

    One has to go through a series or states of clearing away these psychosomatic (Theta agents) , resulting toward a happier and healthier mental state.

    To accomplish this you have to go to meetings and buy numerous books costing in the thousands. $$$

  • nonjwspouse

    Leah Remini's series about Scientology A&E is absolutely fantastic. A MUST WATCH. She is exposing so, SO much with one time high level ,members explaining how it works, as well as lower level people, and the experiences with losing family over leaving the religion. It is JWs on steriods, and SO much is similar. I believe it can be seen on you tube. I've not checked netflix. I can select it from comcast TV shows , or watch at the time of airing.


    It's no measure of sanity to be thoroughly adjusted to a sick world....


  • WTWizard

    My take: Does the medication address the source of the problem? With a blood transfusion, the source of the problem is usually a trauma or an operation, and now you are cleaning up after the incident. With mental problems, and when so many people are affected, one really needs to wonder what the source of it is. Sometimes, removing the source will cure the problem. And that's all that needs to be done. The Judeo-xian religion and Islam are often part of the problem. And so is a society that gives lousy choices to people and then blames them for the outcome. Sometimes it is a nutritional deficiency, often magnesium and/or B vitamins deficient.

    Occasionally, however, medication will be indicated. This happens if natural remedies do not have the chance to work--say, if one is too blocked for spiritual measures or change in circumstance to do any good. Anxiety might be relieved in order to perform something that is necessary for eventual rehabilitation. In this case, the minimum dose of the shortest acting drug that will do the job, just taking the edge off the anxiety and not knocking it out cold, is best. Most doctors don't do that, but will prescribe long courses of drugs that do more harm than good. Used properly, drugs are best to get past barriers that otherwise would not be surmountable. Abused, they are used as the sole treatment and the patient becomes dependent on them.

    But, regardless of whether transient medication is used (and it should be relatively rare and short term in nature), if you do not remove the source of the problem, it will do no good. There are those on antidepressants for decades, yet refuse to leave the jokehovian religion that caused the problem in the first place. Removing the problems should be the major treatment, not giving medication that, at best, would be transient. And, if the world is full of these sick influences from Christi-SCAM-ity (or Judaism, or Islam), those religions are the source of the problems and should be abolished as mass treatment of this epidemic BEFORE medication is even attempted.

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