Can you identify this?

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  • vienne

    Okay all you history buffs, compulsive researchers and simply curious: Can you identify the location and date of this photo?

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    l suggest it looks like a race track in the US. Kind of familiar looking, we attended a race track assembly in LA in the seventies. One such racetrack is the Santa Anita (photo below) the terrain definitely looks similar

  • titch

    That photo seems to me to be the Santa Anita Race Track, in Santa Anita, California. But the race track at which district assemblies were held (1976, 1977 1979) was the Hollywood Park Race Track, which was right under the Final Approach path to L.A. International Airport, in Inglewood, California. That race track was demolished several yea years ago, and now, in its place is a football stadium, at which the L.A. Rams and the L.A. Chargers play. An interesting side-story to the 1976 District Assembly. I'm not a pilot, but I have been listening to the aviation frequencies here in Southern California for many years, on one of my many multi-band radios. I took one of them with me to the assembly, and had it in my car. After the final session I went to the car, and was listening to L.A. Control Tower. One airliner---I think it was Western, or maybe PSA, the pilot said to the Controller, "Hey, what's happening at the Race Track today, there's a whole lot of cars there and a lot of people in the stadium." At which the Tower Controller said, "Well, maybe they are showing a movie or something." Classic!Best Regards, Everyone.----Titch.

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