Door-to-door Going Forward

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  • berrygerry

    I found that the sale (placement) of books and magazines was always a challenge, but it was still attainable.

    When the magazines switched from semi-monthly to monthly, magazine calls were automatically cut in half. Return visits that were made "just to say Hi" were hugely awkward.

    I never participated in the "please watch a video on my tablet" work, but I would imagine that the fail rate compared to magazine placement is massive.

    Reducing magazine frequency yet again would make me worked up inside. Return visits will virtually disappear altogether.

    Would anyone want to do door-to-door in the future?

  • hoser

    It looks like the org wants publishers to focus on conversations instead of literature placements. This would have worked 20 years ago when the publishers actually knew what was in their bibles and could carry on a conversation on a scriptural subject. Today's snowflake publishers are always whining about it being too hot or too cold or that their assigned territory is too far from Tim Hortons coffee shop.

  • darkspilver

    The WT have made the literature (magazines, brochures, invites/leaflets and books) a 'crutch' that the rank-and-file publisher uses as the very reason that the door-to-door work even exists.

    The door-to-door work has always been about: "What item of literature are you offering?"

    The door-to-door work was/is always about - is it magazines or the literature offer being used today?

    While researching the number of Memorial parktakers listed by country as posted here:

    I saw the feature 'Topic for Conversation' on the old Kingdom Ministries - a theme, two scriptures and a brief scriptural thought for both - with no 'direct' link to the literature

    The feature started in March 1977 and seems to have gone on through to December 1991 - it was basic and simple, but would seem have have given a good framework for a JW to have something specific to say that seemed to change each month (so good for returning back) - look at the last part of the following introductory article about them:

    Kingdom Ministry March 1977

    Use Topics for Conversation in Field Service

    Almost everyone responds to kindness, warmth, and a genuine concern for his welfare. As we approach householders in this manner, we will also want to have something to say that will immediately appeal to them. This is where “Topics for Conversation in Field Service” should prove quite helpful.

    Most of us are not pioneers and so we are not out in the field service as often as we would like to be. But when we go, surely we would like to be winsome and discerning in our conversations. Since Topics for Conversation in Field Service will now be featured in Our Kingdom Service, perhaps some questions and answers relative to this feature will be helpful.

    Q. Do these topics have to be changed by you each time a new subject is introduced in Our Kingdom Service?

    A. No. Perhaps changing three or four times a year may work out well for you personally. This will allow you the time and practice in the field so you can get thoroughly acquainted with them and the Scriptural thoughts presented therewith. This should be helpful in building confidence and ability to present the good news with ease.

    Q. How should these topics be introduced?

    A. Local current events such as what is happening in the community or on the world or national scene often prove helpful. An example of this is given in “Presenting the Good News” in this issue.

    Q. Are we required to stick to these topics at every door?

    A. No. While we believe that most of the publishers will find these topics helpful, if you have been able to develop something more effective, more applicable locally, feel free to use it. These are only suggestions and can be used or varied at the discretion of the publisher. Pioneers who are out in the field often will no doubt find it helpful to use variations of this topic or other topics of conversation. And if your territory is covered frequently, you will necessarily vary your themes.

    Q. What is our goal in being able to share these topics of conversation? Is it merely placing literature?

    A. Not in itself. We want to give a testimony or message to the people. First, we can acquaint householders with God’s Word, the Bible, which points to the real remedy for man’s problems, namely the Kingdom. Secondly, we desire that people use the literature to help them to understand what is in the Bible, since it is usually difficult for them to appreciate its teachings. The topic for conversation is designed to help us to talk to those who will give us a listening ear, so we might stimulate interest in God’s Word.

    Example Topic for Conversation

    Better Conditions Await Us.
    2 Pet. 3:13—New world promised.
    Rev. 21:4—Conditions that will exist.
    God’s Kingdom—The Hope for Mankind.
    Matt. 6:10—We pray for the Kingdom.
    Dan. 2:44—What it will do.
  • jookbeard

    the prospect of shoving an iPad in someones face and demanding they watch a vid is probably one of the most stupid things they've ever devised and there are many of them, they are just desperate, they lack any logic or common sense with anything they do, their methods of recruitment or starting conversations with the general public will only alienate the public more and damage the tiny bit of credibility they may think they have.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Ask them a question at the cart and the response is "visit". They do not know the answers and they do not want to talk to you. The cart witnessing is a social catch up that can be counted on the report card.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I found that the sale (placement) of books and magazines was always a challenge, but it was still attainable.

    Remember when every so often they actually required us to go to the door and ask people if they wanted a "yearly subscription" of the Watchtower and Awake. It was bad enough that those of us in the religion had to read them and hash over them at the meetings but I couldn't imagine why anyone outside the religion would want to read them let alone have a yearly subscription, especially considering all of the JW only topics.

    Looking back it shows me how fanatical, delusional and narcissistic the leaders of the religion were. I think today's group is embarrassed by their past.

  • WTWizard

    One way around it would be to place the rags one week, place the Washtowel Teach book the next, offer a study directly out of the Washtowel Teach book, and place a damnation book and start the study the following week. After only two weeks, they already have a study and they only placed one set of rags. Now, instead of worrying about placing rags, they simply continue the study and place the rags as a side quest as they come out.

    Of course, that is not going to stop people from simply replying with their own religions. Back in the 1980s, one could argue with a born-again xian without too much of a problem. Or a Pentecostal. You might waste time, you might not get anywhere in recruiting such person into the jokehovian religion--but at least you would not have your own faith ruined. Today, explaining your religion against a Pentecostal or devout Baptist would ruin your own faith--even a moderate cat lick would be able to trash jokehovian theology. And you are not going to place a Washtowel Teach book with those people without having them shred the jokehovian faith.

  • konceptual99

    I actually think that their approach has been changing to try and claim they are concentrating on reaching as many people as possible. The carts are in public places, where people are. is available 24/7 in hundreds of languages so that (in principle) anyone anywhere can access Bible Truth (tm) without the need to wait for someone to knock on their door. The D2D work continues in exactly the same way in terms of organisation and with the same visibility and focus.

    The latest reduction in magazines and the shift to essentially a round robin of brochures means that Witnesses shall be encouraged to push route calls to being progressive studies or drop them for more productive work. The use of electronic media is natural for many people now and saves precious resources.

    The R&F don't see a reduction in focus on preaching and are lapping up the changes.

    Of course, the reality is that all of the above allow the WTS to reduce the manpower and resources needed to produce the literature. It saves an enormous amount of monthly burn and will make what they have last longer.

    I've no idea if there is any knowledge or understanding that they are increasingly going through the motions, have no hope of realistically reaching let alone converting vast numbers of the global population, are actively undermining the sense of urgency they try and create elsewhere and are sacrificing whatever efficacy with preaching they had simply for fiscal gains.

    What I can see is that they are increasingly open (desperate even) about getting born in kids baptised at as early an age as possible, perhaps recognising their only hope for long term survival is to bag the hearts and minds of young people as early as possible.

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