"The Satanic Panic!"

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  • stuckinarut2

    This thread is inspired by the great thread Pale.Emperor recently featured here on the forum about the things our overzealous parents banned while we were young.

    Seth Andrews (a former fundamentalist Christian broadcaster - now host of 'The ThinkingAthiest') just released this great talk! So many things he speaks of will sound familiar! We were not the only strange religion it seems....



  • dubstepped

    I listen to his podcast. That talk was great! Showed me that other nutters out there were reading Satan into things too, not just JWs.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes dubstepped! I'm a fan of Seth too, and listen to all his stuff! I look forward each week to his podcasts...

    The more I listen too, the more I see that many other fundamentalist churches are just as controlling as witnesses.

    The FOG is thick amongst believers!

  • pale.emperor

    I dabbled in Satanism for a good while after leaving. It's basically just atheism but with rituals to make a mockery of religion. What i think is funny is that by Watchtower standards my home should be filled to the brim with demons by now. Yet i've had not a single encounter, funny noise, doors opening on their own or anything... nothing, nada, zilch.

    From Feb 17-Oct 17 i've done the following things without anything bad happening:

    • Collected Hindu idols and displayed them in my home
    • Made a Ouija board and used it
    • Bought tarot cards and messed around with them

    Here's my friend Jasmine, a witch i met and befriended via North West Satanists:

    Last time i saw her she burned a bible and "cursed" Anthony Morris III

    I almost wish something would happen so i would have a reason to believe in the supernatural.

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