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  • Ringo

    Last night I had to suffer through the BS spouted by the new CO. Some garbage about the Bible transforming us as people. He went on and on about how we can look good to people at the hall who see the outside, but the Bible will tell us what we are inside.

    Then he proceeded to use a few select verses to say sex is bad and so is the desire for it. A healthy bank account or savings is wrong, shouldn't have that either. And no more hunting because that means you might own a firearm.

    Then he claimed that Big J doesn't make rules, the Bible is all about "principals", as if he forgot all the rules that the Gibbering Buddies in New York make up as they go along.

    Of course he did mention that "we" (they) should all try to be pioneers, work at Warwick and on local hall builds, clean the local hall and so on as a measure of our spirituality.

  • sir82

    How happifying!

    If the CO had the goal of making people feel inadequate, it sounds like mission accomplished.

  • WTWizard

    Sounds like this scumbag wants people to not be prepared for anything that might come. You get sick--too bad. You lose your power for a while, it is wrong to have candles or lanterns (and doubly so if you have NiMH rechargeable batteries and a good charger). You have silver or gold, you need to throw it away so you will have nothing when the dollar becomes toilet paper. You are not even to have survival skills or items like a knife, axe, cord, an emergency tent or shelter, fire starters, or water purification items just in case it becomes necessary to eat rats and mice to survive for a short time.

    There is nothing wrong with having a decent bank account so long as you know of the risks of bail-ins and are willing to accept or mitigate this risk. There is also nothing wrong with having investments, again as long as you know the risks and particulars of your investment and are willing to accept them or adjust your investments as conditions change. What is wrong is someone in charge demanding you to throw away your funds, clean out your bank account, sell all your investments, get rid of equipment that could be used in an emergency, and rely on joke-hova. I, personally, have a decent stash of silver to fall back on when the dollar becomes toilet paper or the banks are bailed in. And I ordered (or already have) fire starter materials, a survival knife, a hatchet, water purification lights (UV-C), paracord, and a tool to dig holes in an emergency. These might not be necessary, but if the grid goes down for a month or so, it could make the difference between surviving or not surviving.

    Try that with Worldwide Damnation Fund donations.

  • ToesUp
    Typical CO. Out of touch with reality. I wonder how he would do if the JW's were not supporting him and his wife. Could he Pioneer, volunteer at Warwick? He would be hauling his ass to work everyday like the rest of us. So out of touch. All of the CO's are!
  • MarkofCane

    Its all mind control and their masters at it. They break you down to a insignificant nothing. Tell you, "you cant even take your own step with out them". Then they infuse you with their ideology, there so called logic; work for us, give us your money, live your life for the organization your treasure awaits you in heaven.

    When your life is all used up they discard you like the insignificant nothing they told you you were. Lurkers! wake up, your just a resource for them nothing more, once completely exploited they move to the next victim. Just look at the special pioneers and DO's and bethelites. kicked to the curb.

  • ttdtt

    Was that a CO visit or a Stand Up Act?


  • LongHairGal


    How could anybody listen to this?

    Wow, the Witnesses there must truly be in sleep mode if they didn't wince at this garbage...especially after what has happened fairly recently with all the people let go (bethelites, special pioneers, etc.) Is there a news blackout and maybe very few Witnesses know this has happened?

    Being an insider, SURELY this CO knows about the downsizing. But, yet he STILL spouts foolish garbage about how people should not save money!!! Does he have no conscience? What makes him think HE can't be let go to fend for himself in the real world? I'll wager that all those let-go who are now fending for themselves in the world now realize the wisdom of saving!

    People who contribute money to this religion are only encouraging this hypocrisy!

  • millie210

    So desire for sex is bad. Healthy finances is bad and a hunting gun is bad.

    Sounds like in his Tuesday afternoon meeting with the COBE and/or Secretary, they had a list of local needs for him to address.

    Or maybe those are circuit wide "problems".

    I will restrain myself from commenting on who created the sexual desire that is wrong in his little scenerio.......

    is this C.O. young or old?

  • dbq407
    I was always told there are no rules only principles also. It always made me mad cause everyone knows there are a thousand rules. But for the most part i don't think many really take the counsel to heart. I'm sure some were like me and would sit and listen, tell him what he wants to hear for a week and then just forget about him once he left.
  • fulltimestudent
    Ringo : Last night I had to suffer through the BS spouted by the new CO. ... Then he proceeded to use a few select verses to say sex is bad and so is the desire for it.
    Sounds like he's got a problem with a 'desire for sex.' If so, he's in good company, Joe Rutherford seems to have had the same problem. And quite a few 'strong brothers,' have had the same problem.
    In Sydney, years ago, a prominent bro, was dfed for screwing his S-in-law for 20 years, and the holy spirit did nothing about it.
    Yeah! one more thing. A much more common complaint was by sisters whose husbands were so busy 'in the work of the Lord.' that they were too tired at night to do it. Or, at least that's the perception.

    A healthy bank account or savings is wrong, shouldn't have that either.
    haha! "Rely on the non-existent YHWH" - and live a destitute old age, and be buried a pauper.
    On Queensland's Gold Coast, there were so many old aged witnesses without enough funds for a proper disposal of their bodies (when they died) that one of the elders started making coffins out of particle board.
    A glorious end to a life spent in YHWH's service. Wonderful isn't it?

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