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  • Akid48

    Maybe two or three weeks ago we had a meeting at the hall about sports which was pretty bad.why do they act like they support sports or videos while they say at the same time they say you can't do 90% of anything of those things,maybe the video says you can play sports here and there but then you have the social problem of brothers and sisters looking down on you for liking sports more or liking to watch sports more than take hours out of your day sitting down going over the watchtower or reading a bible. Is it just me more I think as a teen you should at least being doing something even if its not sports maybe music or anything a teen likes,because every time I try and talk to a teen in the kingdom hall they seem off or flat out weird,its like there a different type of teen or something they cant relate to anything that you would usually talk about I don't know there just off and I feel like locking them up and locking there brains is just horrible.

  • Theonlyoneleft

    Hey there Akid48,

    i think I understand where your are coming from.

    I have nephews and nieces in the “tooth” and I see that all xtra activities are non existent, but the parents tend to organise outside KH activities (with jws teens) and gatherings/picnics so their children are still involved with something.

    But this is abroad in my country of birth, where I live another sibling has the difficulty to this same thing.

    i think probably depends also if the congregation has a good level of young people to join in.

    Do you know the candy crush game? A while back there was a talk in the local KH about playing it. The speaker mentioned how sisters obsessed with the game would forget to make dinner or to prepare for service and meetings.


    Many went home to delete this game from their devices.

    I think this sports/ games question is very much linked with “whatever makes go astray, you must stay way from” idea. It’s again a control tactic used to keep those that want and need from enjoying themselves.

    Sports and games don’t have to be about competition or not doing your studies. It can be about learning tactics, keeping fit, building social skills and making friends... all we need in the world around us, weather we are jws or not.

    So maybe this should be your approach, maybe just maybe... as long as you are demonstrating that you are learning something positive from it, Maybe you’ll be able to get away with it.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Theonlyoneleft

    Akid48 i forgot to mention something......Maybe the teens on your congregation are doing fun things unknowingly to you, that would be watched down by brothers and sisters as you put it and maybe they are just trying to keep things low key so they aren’t find out. So don’t take it to heart and build good friendships somewhere else that will be worth to have. Also**** education education education!!!! If you can value this because no matter what happens in your live this always can be your way out.

  • WTWizard

    Anything that is even remotely fun is looked down on by joke-hova. Why have any fun when the time could be wasted putting energy into having us all enslaved? This has been an issue since Christi-SCAM-ity started. Virtually every type of game has been banned at one time or another. Today, it is video games. Back then, pinball, bowling, board and card games, and anything else that is fun. Music--from "evil disco" to rap and hard rock, they always have something bad to say about it.

    And, if you take time off, prepare to waste time going to all the boasting sessions and field circus while in your destination. Imagine if you are in a big city in America. Why bother going to places like New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Chile, or Hong Kong when you are going to have to do the exact same work there as you are doing at home? Just keep wasting the money, instead, on Israel mission trips.

  • tiki

    It is a healthy thing for kids to be involved in teaches self discipline, self worth and healthy interaction with peers. No kid should be expected to sit around reading WT publications or watching those inane videos or whever else in all their spare time. But the organization wants brain dead robots....lemmings.....sad way to treat energetic curious youngsters.

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