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  • Swan

    As I was posting to another thread (Interesting Tidbits) I realized that this could be a thread of its own. Do you know any interesting people? Tell us about them. This thread is about all of the interesting people in your life. They don't have to be famous, just interesting or unique. Maybe they have and interesting job, or they invented the bread slicer, or they took the only known photo of JFK and Marilyn Monroe (after they died!). Maybe they are a celebrity of sorts themselves. Maybe the only thing special about them is that they know Kevin Bacon. Here is your chance to talk about the people in your life that you find interesting.

    There are few celebrities I got to know in my life. I have a friend who had a bit role on M*A*S*H. I talked with Tommy Rettig on-line about programming back in the days when I worked with FoxPro. He was a FoxPro developer too. Unfortunately he died young.

    Some people I had the privilege of knowing weren't celebrities except in my mind. They were special people who stand out because of their personalities and interesting events in their lives.

    My last boss was a former librarian that worked on Indian reservations. She was a bit of a hippie. She was extremely well read. She worked with computers and software development, but she had no computer at home. We teased her about being a Luddite. She raised sheep, llamas, and a pot-bellied pig. She spun her own wool from the sheep and knitted all sorts of things.

    A friend I worked with I still keep in touch with. He wasn't famous, but his mom and dad were vaudeville and circus entertainers. He fought in Viet-Nam, came home, and then enrolled at Kent State under the GI Bill. He was there when the infamous shootings occurred.

    I worked with two ex-radio people in my career. Both of them are extremely interesting to talk to. One was a radio DJ in Viet-Nam and worked with the guy Robin Williams portrayed in the movie Good Morning Viet-Nam.

    The other radio guy had his own talk show. He conducted very interesting interviews with actors, astronauts, politicians, authors, etc. He made a series of video tapes for children about occupations that they find interesting, such as firemen, heavy construction, etc. He also did tours of Hollywood locations for a while.

    My husband may be the most interesting person in my life, but I think I will save his story for another day.


  • Sentinel

    We live across the street from a "circus/party performing clown". HONEST. He's a young hippie-type guy. He recently got married and he and his wife are living with family, in between their circuit tour travels. The other night, I heard all this commotion outside my bedroom window, and there were two "clowns" out in the middle of the street riding those one-wheel bikes. They were having a ball.

  • Sentinel

    Oh Swan, I don't think I realized that Tommy Rettig passed away. He was my crush when he played Jeff on Lassie. I would race home from school, to drool in front of the screen. What happened to him?

  • Swan
  • Sentinel

    Thanks Swan. The picture of him with "Lassie" is so sweet. Funny, how I always liked him so much as a kid. He seemed so genuine and sweet--apparently he was a wonderful human being, aside from being a very talented actor.

    How sad he died so young.

  • TresHappy

    That's what Beaver on Leave it to Beaver had to do last night on TV Land, write a composition about "the most interesting person he knew..." he chose his father...

    The most interesting person I know...celebrity wise...I met Barry Williams from The Brady Bunch...he was interesting, and still cute - lol

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