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  • atomant
    lt is said that jdubs are blood guilty for not allowing blood transfusions.l wonder how many shunned witnesses or disfellowshipped witnesses have committed suicide because of this that also an act of being blood guilty? just saying.
  • OrphanCrow
    Atomat: l wonder how many shunned witnesses or disfellowshipped witnesses have committed suicide because of this ...

    I think the number would be fairly high. The blood propaganda that the WTS puts out to the JWs has far reaching consequences.

    Many, many exJWs still are held captive by the WT's erroneous 'medical' advice. Many are still terrified of blood and view blood transfusions as risky, dirty and not necessary. The very same people who come to the realization that the WT lies about doctrine and almost everything else, will still cling to the "blood truth". When...there isn't any blood truth that comes out of the WTS.

    The WTS has successfully terrified people about the medical consequences of blood transfusions and yet those same fears have no basis in rational thinking. The WTS tries to tell people that they risk all sorts of things from taking blood...but the rational weighing out of the risks still leaves refusing blood as the least desirable option.

    Think of it this way - some people cannot take penicillin, they are allergic to it. But, that doesn't mean that penicillin isn't an option for everyone else - it just means that there are risks involved in taking it. Same as blood - some people will end up with a hemolytic reaction but almost all the people who have a transfusion won't have any complications. The WTS has taken the normal risks associated with a medical procedure and has vilified all blood transfusions because of the "risks" involved. And yet...the WTS says NOTHING about the risks involved in the alternative procedures that they promote. Nothing. Nothing at all about the risks associated with taking the drug cocktails that claim to 'build up the blood' before surgery. Nothing at all about the risks of having all your blood drained out of your body and replaced with synthetic fluid. Nothing at all about how artificial blood is riskier than blood itself. And on and on...

    Unfortunately, there are many exJWs who still hold onto the bad medical advice that they have been given - they will throw the WT literature into the garbage....and hold onto the noblood doctrine. Why? Because they think that the WTS is medically right about blood - not right about their Biblical doctrine. But, somehow, magically, they still believe that the blood propaganda is true.

    So, yes, the blood guilt goes beyond the boundaries of active JWs - it extends its evil arm around anyone who has been exposed to the WT's noblood propaganda.

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