October Surprise?

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  • freemindfade
    My mom who thought she had some special gift for reading between the watchtower lines and the bible was thoroughly convinced Armageddon would always start in October because it always had significance in the bible. Which really makes sense if you think about bible stories, yes stories, written by a group who high holy days were in the fall. Any every year it had to be coming this october! Some one in the US farted! Thus Armageddon!
  • kaik

    My biological JW sister called me on Oct 1 to tell me that "A" will happen this month because elder told her so. I get very seldom any calls from my family and she did not talk to me for several years after I walked away from WT. Her question was if I am not afraid to be killed in next several days. I told her that I do not care. JWs get always hyped up on October as month where doom should happen.

    We used to have one pioneer woman in the KH where entire conversation with her revolved around Armageddon will be here. In her later years, she got so crazy, that she was institutionalized. She would sometime open doors or windows of her house and scream into the street that "Armageddon will be here shortly." Any case, she died in old age without going through Armageddon, except her personal end.

  • Magnum
    kaik, I wonder what your sister's going to think on Nov 1st?
  • GrreatTeacher

    November 1 they will probably switch over to the "no one knows the day nor hour" refrain.

    It's a nice circular and sealed belief system.

  • kaik
    Magnum, I do not know. She will get depressed, apathy will settle in, until the next hype. I called her last weekend, and she was with elderette in field service, and politely hang up on me that she does not have time to talk to me because more people need to be saved.
  • kairos

    The surprise is not quite realized by the JW masses.

    There is big trouble in HQ.
    The GB are struggling to keep the ORG afloat without tipping their hand that Jah is not their friend...

    Imagine that, Jehovah is not the Governing Body's friend.
    He's apparently withdrawing financial support due to lack of... Discretion.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I knew this very mentally unstable JW woman years ago.

    only the one--ha ha.

    where have you been hiding ? try finding a normal one .

  • Vidiot

    kairos - "I knew this very mentally unstable JW woman years ago."

    Dude.. everybody knows a mentally unstable JW woman. :smirk:

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