Warwitch (warwick) Workers Needed!

by DwainBowman 19 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • DwainBowman

    But no girls allowed!

    As of January, women won't be accepted as volunteers, at any of the job sites!

    It has to do with the rooming arrangements. They will have two of the bethell dorms ready, and will start housing the workers there instead of at some of the motels they been renting! I guess the motels cost a lot of money.

    This doesn't mean there won't be any sisters there, but the borg won't be housing them!

    This explains, them asking for volunteers from the less than the best. Most of the poor sisters that go, have been doing "grunt" work!


  • lostinthought
    Oh, I'm sure the girls will still come and move into the area to come "help" (look for a man). It's a shame because this is a very expensive county to live in (and Warwick is a super swanky part of the county). When they are working at bethel a few days a week it only lives a few days to work minimum wage jobs. Most of these women wouldn't be able to afford rent and living expenses of NY. I've seen these girls share very small spaces just to work at bethel....

    Good! Maybe one day, the WTBTS will more closely resemble the RCC! They could have one Governing Pope and lots of women doing everything! Sounds fun!! Too bad I am not able to stop working, become even more financially challenged, and go work for free!! 😔


  • Stealth

    We all know how much JWs like to gossip. We should start a rumor on some pro-JW sites that there is a shortage of help at Warwick because workers were getting sick from the contaminated land.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    As of January, women won't be accepted as volunteers, at any of the job sites!

    I wonder WHY??

    Image result for woman and man kissing passionately pics


    Sounds like the Bethelites want to start "wrestling" again, and the sisters are just in the way.


  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Good pic John, oh she must smell so good.. ah women !

  • konceptual99
    Do we have a confirmed source for this?
  • Vidiot

    lostinthought - "Warwick is a super swanky part of the county."


    That figures.

  • wifibandit

    The GB is sparing no expense at their new home, per reports from insiders.

    Notice the thickness of the stone facade, its ridiculous. Solid stone 4" thick. There's where your money went. Could have easily been a thinner profile since it serves no structural purpose. This stuff is all over the place.

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