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  • dogisgod

    I just heard this the other day. Growing up a Jehovahs witness is like growing up in No. Korea. Perfect.

  • scratchme1010

    i just heard this the other day.

    growing up a jehovahs witness is like growing up in no.


    Nonsense. You don't need to look at any other place that you might not agree with to understand the effect of negative influence. High chances are that the person who said that has never even been to North Korea.

    Learn about negative influence; that can give you a clue of how that can happen right in your own home, no need to look at other people's ideas of how people live in other countries.

  • Bobcat

    We had a thread on similarities between JWs and North Korea here (another site). The similarities are many.

  • Finkelstein

    Well the JWS is a high controlling religious cult so I guess there are similarities to North Korea.

    There are many high controlling religious organizations out there.

    Mormons, Amish etc.

  • steve2

    So in JW land you literally get matched off and shot if you disobey and so do your nearest relatives?

    Only someone lacking brain cells could seriously equate JW land with North Korea - although Kim Jong Un’s rotund stature recalls Mark Sanderson’s. Twin bros from different lands.

  • dogisgod

    Having been raised in it I see a lot of similarities. You kind of are aware of the customs of the land but no investment of any kind. Christmas, birthdays, holidays. You know them but are not part of them...and never will be. You can't have worldly friends. Sometimes entire childhoods without social norms creates weird social interaction that is hard to change. You are much less educated than most. You are not well read. You are limited to exposure to the opposite sex..unless you marry them. You have no sense of hope, future or dreams.Your self-esteem is zero. Your thinking is circular and/or black and white. Your affection is conditional. And in the land of JW if you don't play by their rules you are spiritually and emotionally killed off by shunning. Brain washing is the same In JW land, No Korea etc.

  • Perry

    In the past I have described the JW experience as a cross between N. Korean brain-washing tactics and mafia-style callousness..... displayed by people who wear suits.

    I remember a Circuit Overseer stating that he had heard that some people had accused JW's as being brain washed. He then stated with a smirky smile that most people probably needed to have their brains washed.

  • JaniceA

    That brain washing line is old and tired. JWs always smirk when regurgitating is. Ugh

  • Vidiot

    @ JaniceA...

    Yup, it's right up there with that tired old story about the little JW kid telling his "worldy" schoolmate, "you're a bad association, and I'm a useful habit!", after which everyone would dutifully chuckle...

    That one made me embarrassed even back when I was still in.

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