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  • born againer
    born againer

    Hi Search,

    I mentioned what you were doing in Liverpool, and my Mum and Dad were impressed. They would like to go to it themselves, as it is something they want to understand better, so I was wondering if you could let me me know via this site where and when the talk will be. I would like to go too, but it all depends on whether I'm in University at the time.

    I hope that all the posts helped you - i'm sure they did, as everyone here seems very wise to silly old me!

    BA xxx

  • searchfothetruth

    No problem,

    It won't be for a few weeks, but i'll let you know. There are some very clever people on this site and (although I don't always agree with everything they say) you have to admire the thought and intelligence that goes into the varied discussions.

    There have been some reaaly good points brought up and it's made me change my mind on the direction the talk should go, i'm glad I asked for advice as this is the best forum for ex-jw's on the net.

    Keep in touch


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