A Coup in One Verse

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  • metatron

    "faithful and discreet slave"

    It seems to me we are looking for a coup in a single Bible verse - or phrase. Eventually, even the 'one foot in the grave'

    gerontocrats in Watchtower-Land must realize that Jesus was simply delegating authority to WHOEVER was faithful and wise.

    Once that intrepretation takes hold, anybody can run the Watchtower ( oops, no sisters allowed!). The whole 'anointed ' - elite

    thing goes out the window and that's that.

    This would only be rationalizing what already exists since the idea of the 'anointed' running things is a practical fiction, anyway.

    Actually, it was a fiction all along since , in times past, they didn't ask partakers their opinion on anything - in the days of Knorr

    and the Judge.

    I'm interested in more rumors that they finally have straightened this stupid mess out - and will teach accordingly.


  • hooberus

    Yes, Jesus was asking a QUESTION. How can a question delegate authority?

  • DJ

    LOL hooberus! You're so right. I wish that I thought of that! I have no idea who you are so....Hi! love, dj

  • Gopher

    So then, the "faithful and discreet slave" can be anyone who the WT Society decides has the ability to direct matters or write publications?

    Then who are the "domestics" that are fed by the slave? Current Society teaching is that the slave represents all the anointed remaining on earth AS A CLASS, whereas the domestics are INDIVIDUALS in the group. (How mind-bending is that???)

    Now the domestics would be those not "faithful and wise" enough to be appointed to the slave class? The domestics are a bunch of rube-like followers of the faithful slave?

    Inquiring minds want to know where this new light is leading.

  • waiting

    hey met,

    Yours was a good point as always. But I'm still fuming as a couple of jw men I've known for years were just in my store.

    anybody can run the Watchtower ( oops, no sisters allowed!).

    Ain't that the truth.

    And lucky for you I just deleted my long, woman-raging post. *sigh* ....two jw men I've know for decades just came by our store *to visit.*

    Condescending sons of bitches. (edit if you choose, moderators....they were!)


    disclaimer: Not ALL men are like that. Not ALL jw men are like that.....but almost all jw men think they're better/smarter/wiser than any woman - and spiritually entitled to be that way because they were born with a penis. *sigh* brings back such lousy memories.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    On behalf of all penis people, I want to apologize for those

    Condescending sons of bitches. (edit if you choose, moderators....they were!)

    Penis people should treat non-penis people better.

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