Children Being Held At Guantanamo Terror Camp

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  • Pleasuredome

    The US military has revealed it is holding juveniles at its high-security prison for terrorists at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, known as Camp Xray.
    The commander of the joint task force at Guantanamo, Major General Geoffrey Miller, says more than one child under the age of 16 is at the detention centre.
    However, Maj Gen Miller has revealed little more about their welfare.
    Maj Gen Miller says the US is holding "juvenile enemy combatants" at the centre, confirming rumours of children being held.
    He has refused to reveal how many there are, their exact ages or their countries of origin.
    He says they are being well cared for and are kept in facilities separate to adult prisoners.
    The children are still being interrogated and will continue to be held at Guantanamo.
    About 660 prisoners are in the camp.
    They have not been tried or convicted of any offence but are being held as part of what the US calls its war on terror.
  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Ah, 'offsprings of vipers?' maybe we need to do more research on these detentions centers especially in the U.S. It reminds me of the Natives put on Indian reservations. Hmmmmmmmm.

    Guest 77

  • searchfothetruth


    Has anyone heard of any Iraqi prisoners being taken to camp x-ray?

    I know that Taric Aziz, the Iraqi spokesman, said in an interview in January that he would not surrender as he would be taken there.

    Now that he has surrendered, is he going to end up there? And are others already there?

    I know that Tony Blair strongly pointed out in the Houses of Commons that no Iraqi's should be threatened with this, as it would make them less likely to surrender.

  • Jayson

    There is a huge difference between the Iraqis and those who are in Cuba.


    Have you thought of sending a few Sega's down there for the poor children terrorists?

  • searchfothetruth

    'Sega's for the poor child terrorists'

    Enough said.

  • Pleasuredome


    i might send them some pics of 9/11 to stick on their walls, just to remind them of that great day that they were responsible for.

  • Xena

    I think it is sad this is happening....and I wonder about these children. You know you read of children trained and used by terrorists. Is that the case with these children?

    ...what do you do with children trained to hate and kill? How long would it take to erase this brainwashing? Or could you ever?

    The entire thing is a sad commentary on our society in general

  • nilfun

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