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  • bk62

    My wife had never been there, so I thought it would be a good way to spend the weekend. I made reservations for Friday and Saturday night at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. Well Friday afternoon I started coming down with the Flu (or something), so I knew it was going to be a long weekend! It's a 5 hour drive from Phoenix, so we pulled up at the hotel at 2am (we got a really late start!) Well as soon as I started to exit the car something started falling all around me, so I jumped back in and shut the door!

    Well apparently some drunk dudes on the 10'th floor were playing, and they knocked out the window, which fell on my truck (causing some minor dents, dings and scratches). Security came, took a report and some pictures, and said I would be hearing from their Loss Management person. After about two weeks I decided to call them. I was promptly told that, since it wasn't their fault the window fell on my truck, they would do nothing!! They did give me the name, address and tel# of the responsible party and told me it was up to me to contact him.

    Just curious - does this sound reasonable to you guys? I thought they would at least offer me a few nights stay and a show!!! It really ticks me off that they apparently could care less - it's a good thing nobody was hurt (I wonder if they would have even bothered to call the ambulance!)

  • notperfectyet

    It isn't called "Sin City" for nothing.......

    Call the your auto insurance, they will fight it, that's what you pay them for...I am glad you and your family were not hurt.

    I have been to Vegas alot, they see all kinds of things, they are use to most people not pressing they are married...they weren't suppose to be there...etc.....if your claim is legetimate.........go for it!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    If you get to the right Sr. Management person (via letter and phone call), I'm sure they'll comp you for a couple of nights. If I were you, I would find out who owns the Riviera Hotel... write the CEO and call his/her assistant. That way they will send your letter to the right person for handling, and they will want to report back to the CEO that the letter was 'handled'.

  • TresHappy

    Contact a local TV station in your area or an affiliate in the Las Vegas area. Perhaps they have a "fight for the little guy" segment on their newscast and might help you. It's worth a shot...

  • rekless

    I live in Vegas and years ago when the mofia ran the city, yes, you have been comped, but like now everything is ran by Wall Street and profits. There is not any law in Nevada, trust me. Did you notice all the cars running around beat up and wrecked. This place is a joke..

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