Help me out, please. A statement has been made elsewhere on the Internet .

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  • berylblue

    ...that.JWs do not take delight in the death of billions of unrighteous ones at A. I was dumbfounded, but for the life of me I can't think of any solid examples of how the Witnesses absolutely do gloat over the "baddies" dying at A. I no longer have any WT publications; does anyone know where such sick sentiments can be found? I would truly appreciate it. The only example I could think of is the thunderous applaus at District Assemblies when the bad guys bite the dust in one of their dramas, and that is not the evidence I am seeking. While it certainly indicates their mindset, I'd rather have concrete, black and white examples of this disgusting attitude.



  • Englishman
  • berylblue

    thanks, Englishman.

    Always wondered about the waitress pictured in the Live Forever book; do you think she's getting nuked because of bringing a GB member regular coffee instead of decaf?


  • rocketman

    beryl, I think in general you won't find jws gloating over the destruction of others in some blatant manner. the Bible also mentions that God 'does not desire to see any destroyed, but all to attain to repentance', and that He does not 'take delight in the death of someone dying'.

    That said, I think that there is a certain satisfaction that jws and perhaps other 'end time' religious groups derive at the thought of others being killed while they are saved. The thought of it easily creates a feeling of superiority, a certain smugness in the face of the eventual slaughter of their fellow man.

    This manifests itself in various ways. The applaus you mentioned (I remember it vividly at a DC about three yrs ago during a drama, when two fornicators were lanced through in an Israelite tent) is one manifestation of that attitude. Another is the way jws often discuss which homes they are going to live in after Armageddon as they survey their favorites when they work a territory in field service.

    Then of course, there are their publications. The pictures are telling indeed. Of course, they'll say that such destruction is something that is necessary and that does not mean that they take delight in it. But, in fact, what they want is to see Armageddon, which by necessity according to their teaching does mean the killing of billions of people.

    As a result, many jws I think close their minds to the actual horror of what will take place according to their own teachings. They'd prefer to just think that they'll hide out and the whole thing will be over and it'll be no big deal.

  • ARoarer

    Maybe they would like to see the smiling faces at this website

  • InquiryMan

    See "You May Survive Armageddon Into God’s New Worl", chapter XXI, paragraphs 19-21. Also, the silver "Prince of Peace" book has a reference on how the flesh shall rotten on the bodies of those destroyed while they are still alive. And as to conclude that remark it is stated: Good riddance or something along that vein. Unfortonately I do not have the book at hand or a CD, but I remember it vividly, cause I conducted that book study at the time, and was somewhat horrified at the graphic description.

  • Scully

    Hi Rosemarie

    Here's something I wrote shortly after I joined the forum

  • Sentinel

    IMHO, I just think that if there are some JW's who go around in the door to door work, and in between they discuss how they would "take possession of homes, cars, boats", etc., is just a way for them to feel good about what they are doing. They have to have some "immediate reward" for all their sacrifices I suppose. The promise of the inheritance that is always "so near at hand". The good life--just out of reach.

    If it were not for the JW influence, no doubt many would have gotten higher educations and be earning big money, and would have the beautiful homes, the luxury cars, all the things they want and desire. But, they have put all of that on hold. They live in a dream world, and didn't we all do that at one time or another? I know I did.

    I mean, it brings the realism home more, don't you think, to actually picture all the "evil" (anyone not a JW) being removed, so that they can have all the spoil. Isn't that what the tribes of Israel did early on--all in the name of their god? They killed and plundered, and took the spoils--even people, and they glorified themselves and their god for having done so. They did so because they were "directed by god to do so". (Give me a break)

    And today, the JW's don't directly go about killing on their own; they are content to wait, and wait, and wait, till their god does it at Armageddon.

  • Scully

    Sentinel writes:

    And today, the JW's don't directly go about killing on their own; they are content to wait, and wait, and wait, till their god does it at Armageddon.

    They may not physically go out and kill people, but effectively that is what they do when they shun people who have left the organization voluntarily (DA or walk-aways), or who have been kicked out (DFd). When you treat someone as though they are dead or non-existent, it's a display of the worst sort of hatred imaginable, IMO. The psychological terrorism that is being employed against the individual who is targeted for that treatment is extremely damaging. You only have to read a few experiences from this board to confirm that.

    Love, Scully

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