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  • fairy

    my husbands sister who is disfellowshipped sent her nephew something via email, just an ordinary email, and this is what he wrote back...he is 18 yrs old and not baptised...but what do you say? i have got no idea what to say to him........... THE RED FONT IS MINE

    really love u guys, and j...... and l..... and a..... and l..... too =o)____(I HAVE LEFT OUT THE NAMES!) but i just wish u guys would wake up to whats happening in the world and remember what u once lived by cos i dont wanna lose u all, i wish u's would go to the meetings again and all that cos its fully obvious that the end is coming, yeh u may thin im turning into some religous nut but u know thats not true u know what the truth really is and no, these arent my parents or anyone elses words, theyr honestly mine, however if u dont like/agree with it then im fine with that like i said, i just dont wanna lose u anyway, just think about it,only time will tell the future

  • joannadandy

    I'm sure he thinks he is doing the right thing.

    I remember being 13 (not baptized) and writing my sister telling her about the conventions, and how much fun I had out in service, and how much I wished she would go to meetings.


    Did my parents put me up to it? Nope! I honestly bought the propoganda that the JW's fed me, and thought I had to witness to her in order to save her, because she wasn't listening to our parents, so maybe an appeal from her sis would work.

    Well thank god it didn't and I came to my senses.

    I am sure he is just trying to do "what's right" to save you too. Take it as a sign that he cares, and worries about you...nothing more.

  • fairy

    thanks for your reply..its just that i havent heard him talk like that before,

  • ScoobySnax

    Fairy..... Its not that difficult to understand, even at his age what he's trying to say. I did the same as him, an eventually fell away. Now in my 30's I'm beginning to think he maybe just right, thats not to take the high moral ground, its just how I feel and see. Let him take his own path in what he chooses to do. Don't let the majority tell you here how to respond, its just an exclusive club here, who will only applaud those who leave. just let him be who he wants to be, he'll find himself. Don't you worry.

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